One Shot Show Ibiza 2016

Imagine if you could go baby again, even just for a moment to relive that characteristic joy and carefree, read a story and…

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One Shot Show Ibiza 2016

The playing card known as "the Joker" was born in the United States in the XIX century.


The choice of this character of court, clearly to correlate him to the other chivalrous figures, is probably tied to two factors: on one side, the Joker suggests the idea of an alternative in comparison to the standard rules of the game (it was the only character that had the power to deride the king and in general to behave him in anomalous way in comparison to the rules of label); from the other, he can historically bring back to the figure of the "crazy" or "insane" present in ancient different bunches of papers and still today present in the tarots.




Ops… I forgot… I’ve made this small detour cause I’M THE JOKER and how much I’ve just told you respect the origin of the playing card, fully mirrors my being and it’ll be enough for you to keep on reading for understanding it. My name is Giancarlo and I was born in the city, in that Rome of the seventies too busy to control the criminal mind that wanted to conquer her and terrorists that wanted to destroy her; too busy to mind herself… too busy to deal with a boy that grew among the buildings of an outskirts in full metropolitan development.


I grow up, serene, like many boys of my age, but, unlike the others, my eyes became sad in lifting them and seeing the cement that salivates toward the sky… awareness that I want to widen my confinements, know new frontiers, not to stop me to the city that represented a point of arrival for so many: for me would have been a point of departure!


That sky that I saw among the buildings becomes my road, while the sun, the tropical climate, new cultures and different ways to think filling my life. I work how much me enough to be independent and, as soon as I can, I restarts my search.





During these trips I explore and I think, up to make me aware that a dark suite and a beautiful pair of shoes aren’t for me. I’m a “globetrotter”, I’m in a continuous search that, a beautiful day of 1996, to 26 just finished, makes me discover to love that something that are together joy and life. The sea lightens me and attracts me, I think about her as to a woman from the magnetic eyes that loads yourself of positive energies to the first look!

I imagine how much beautiful is to live and to work with the sea, following the natural seasons of the earth and gone toward other worlds at the end of the summer season.


So… beginning my search to understand how I could realize this desire: "a small hut could be a beautiful idea… even could use it as base to entertain all the people on the beach", I thought to tall voice, believing to talk to that Destiny in which had never believed and not knowing what, instead, me same reserving!




It was autumn, it seems me yesterday: I was walking in a desert beach boulevard in the south of Rome; desert, I mean, exception of a man in a red swim suite, of which have realized crossing a bridge. I go toward him, physically crossing not only that bridge but also mentally; through that bridge I leave all the conventions imposed by the society to approach me to a man that, to full October, it walked in swim suite, red, on the beach.

"Hi, I am Felice", he told me handing me the hand.

"I see that in your eyes", I would have wanted to answer him while I was lengthening the hand to him and started to begin my adventure.


After various tied up mishaps to the conquest of a small piece of beach, I undertake me to the creation of a “little Island” on the sea. That beach very dreamt it begins to turn into reality; a place is born where the rules of the city are not applied because the liberty of each, with the respect of other people's liberty, it doesn't need rules for the cohabitation. I live a thrilling adventure that also deepens the knowledge of myself and I discover a new world made of so many microcosms, that has allowed me, metaphorically, to be able to face the sea in storm of the life.



A life as a dream that comes true and that I alive for so many years, up to when the dream becomes greater and I thinks to a new adventure.


My mind is perpetually hocked to think to a “travelling show” on the beach, that involves the circus and the house music: I choose the name, "one shot", and beginning to put together the crew. Within a night in half summer a show is born realized only from impassioned, not from professionals.

And the June 10th, 2012, the “one shot show” officially starts.

The universal energy transmitted by the sea, my friend and my lover, makes me realize the idea of the "one shot’s games", element of link among all the participants to the party.


The "one shot’s games" are simply… Games!

Games thought for exalting our childish side, amplify by the emotion of the win. I have not told you him? You always win in the games of the one shot, from the small gadget to the bottle of champagne, to pass from the cocktails to the one shot shirt!


The whole company's passion, the passion and the leit motiv of the one shots, accelerate the success of the party, thin to reach end July to a public of thousand people that, entusiastes, actively participate in the party, sharing the emotion to find them, with the part child of each of us to play and to have a good time him. One day, then, I’ll tell you as has been "created" the show and on what philosophy is founded the one shot: it is a run that deserves some page that, besides, I have begun to write in my biography "one shot, the first hit."

However, increasing the success of the party, it increased in me the necessity of a further step for the international result of the one shot show: it had to necessarily transit out of Italy and… and…


"Have you ever been in Ibiza?", a friend asked me, reading me the thought.

No, I had never been to Ibiza, someone told me the most cosmopolitan soul of the island, someelse had explained me that the excesses didn't concern the whole island and, above all, that the people of Ibiza were not at all as was described in generic way, able only of transgressive parties and without rules.

It’s again October, but of 2012, and I arrive for the first time in Ibiza; I immediately understand that the “one shot”, to have the international recognition, must pass from this island.

However still the times were not mature to complete this important footstep, they served some important passages before the unloading.


In these last three years, therefore, the whole company and I, are assembled there on these necessary passages, of which two of absolute importance.

The first one is the realization of a "something" easy to transport that could entertain the space drink and the space to play the music of the one shot; the second is the ideation and realization of an application that the assignment of the pre-sales of the consummations could facilitate one shot and of the knowledge of the show in distant areas, where still the only support of the net all it took is for making to know the show.


In an inspired night, so, I take paper and pencil, and, as mine usual, beginning to draw what could be the "one shot tower", a light structure, easy to transport and functional to the demands of the show: I realize an interesting project and, immediately curious to see how it could be realized, me sudden expert of modelling, giving birth to the miniature of the structure in wood.

I was spellbound from the realization of the tower, it entertained 4 bartender posting, a cash posting and two DJ’s seats, and above all it had the form of a star, the one that followed me for a long time and that I had immortalized in the slogan used for the beach ("you follow the star"), that meant as each of us has the own star to follow.


The "Destiny" which have said before (him, really him) wanted I met on my road Marco, the architect of the company, that, as visionary as me, seen my project, it devotes him to the realization of the structure, only in its kind, done only with the pieces used in the building scaffoldings.

Well, to two years from the initial idea, after a long job of planning, he starts to realize the dream, ready for the unloading to Ibiza.




For the second necessary passage, also inspired by an universal energy, I started to define a digital system that foresees the pre-sale of the one shot show, with an application that can be used by everybody, particularly from the dreamers (a sort of PR for the one shot), in way to be been able to know in advance, the quantity of tickets sold for the show, so that to be able to arrive in a new city and to use the public relationships of the most known subjects in the zone and to recognize in exact and digital way the correct errands of sale to whom uses for the result of the event, inserting some steps of sale that induce the diffusion of the idea and that can give important commissions to the dreamers that sells this dream.

This time helped me “old boyIvan, aka Puffoquattrocchi for the “one shot” - I haven’t told you that everybody, inside the company, has an own fantasy name - that, from experienced computer, listening with passion everything of my project; the idea it is exalted to be able to realize an application that could revolutionize the world of the public relationships.

And it is now still February, of 2016, and while I am writing these pages they are in phase of realization both the projects that, completed, they will accompany the company one shot in the trip that brings to Ibiza.

Ibiza… it’s there, in the middle of the sea, and to arrive serves only us a last thing: the crowdfunding project.




Had I already felt to have been speaking for a couple of years of it, but to a lunch to the sea with the lawyer of the company, Stefano, "the man in hat" for the one shot - I haven’t told you that everybody, inside the company, has an own fantasy name - starts to take shape the idea of on to make line visible the project Ibiza and to try economic help and international support to our project to bring the one shot to Ibiza, the country of the parties and the styles of aggregation.


Now, we’re hereasking the help of all you in promoting and sustaining the project one shot, that will allow the company one shot to inaugurate the summer season 2016 on the island of Ibiza.

The things to be done are a lot of but the appointment and the passion are our choice of life, our mission is to make to know all over the world the essence of the one shot: a world of “one shot’s emotions” will surely be best.

Thanks everybody, folks, to have shared with us the enthusiasm and the passion one shot.

Just a last word: emotions are going to come...



À quoi servira la collecte


  In the first 3 years the show was self financed thanks to our friends. We're a no-professional company and every time we are succesfull in come true with the show it's like a little trick. Now it' the time for a qualitative leap and get by in Ibiza, swarming this city with the sound, the colours and the imagination of the One ShotShow crew! As usual we'd like to stage the show thanks to our friends, let living the show as we mean "having fun". we need almost 7000 euro for raw materials shipping, creation of the games and audio-video service. Let's create the One Shot Show Ibizia 2016 together!

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