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Hello! SKINNERBOOX is an independent publishing house focused on contemporary photography.


We started this campaign because we need your support to publish PRISM INTERIORS, the long awaited first book by the Italian photographer Piero Percoco



Born in Sannicandro di Bari on 1987 Piero has been taking pictures of his daily life with a smartphone for years.



PRISM INTERIORS is born from the collaboration between Piero, Jason Fulford who edited and designed the book and Skinnerboox which will publish it.


Jason Fulford's hands at work



Piero does not enjoy talking about himself, he doesn’t like writing, he gets nervous just thinking about it, he says he doesn’t manage.
He is just interested in taking pictures, and I understand him, that is why I will try to describe him. Anyways, there is no need to resort to poetry to contextualise his work. It is enough for you to scroll infinitely on his instagram channel (@therainbow_is_underestimated), without a further a do.

So, you might ask, what then?

Well, in a day and age where the field of artistic expression is evermore caught up in the loop of a multiplicity of duties: it has to communicate, it has to justify the overexposure of a generation of unemployed creatives, it has to evangelise and at times is even expected to save the world. All this, slowly forms an evermore boring creative landscape. I lose myself in Piero Percoco’s work, there is nothing of the aforementioned constraints, there are only square photographs, the colours of a small town in the south of Italy filled with dyed haired women, elderly people at the beach, children playing, hyper-caloric home cooked meals, plastic dining tables, curtains, bald people, fat people, neighbours, dogs, Piero’s grandma, his sister, lowered shutters and old cars.
(Ray Banhoff)


Book specs:


Hardcover canvas 
Format 15X23cm
Pages 64
Offset printed on Gardapat KIARA150gr.


Pages 16
Singer binding
Offset printed on Fedrigoni Xper 120gr.












À quoi servira la collecte

We will use the money coming from your help to cover part of the production costs of the book, produced on a First Edition of 500 copies.




Production costs:



Offset print, binding: 5200 euro
Editing, Book Design: 2400 euro
Pre-press and digital mockup: 1200 euro
Total amount: 8800 euro



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Pour 25 €

A signed copy of the book for a special price (shipping included) only for the first 30 supporters
  • Contributeurs : 29
  • Disponibilité : 1/30
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 29 €

A signed copy of the book shipping included in ITALY
  • Contributeurs : 65
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 35 €

A signed copy of the book shipping included WOLRDWIDE
  • Contributeurs : 12
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 55 €

A signed copy of the book + a 15x15cm (Rainbow and Rain) signed print on Fine Art Paper (shipping included)
  • Contributeurs : 14
  • Disponibilité : 36/50
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 100 €

5 signed copies of PRIMS INTERIORS for a special price
  • Disponibilité : 5/5

Pour 145 €

ONLY FOR BOOKSHOPS (n.10 copies of the book discounted 50%, shipping included)
  • Contributeurs : 6
  • Disponibilité : 6/12
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 190 €

A signed copy of PRISM INTERIORS + all the books published by Skinnerboox on 2017 ((Thomas Albdorf, Marcello Galvani, Alessandro Calabrese, Carpani&Verilli, Guido Guidi, Stefanie Moshammer, Ofer Wolberger, Alejandro Cartagena e Peter Fraser)
  • Contributeurs : 2
  • Disponibilité : 8/10
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 250 €

A signed copy of the book + a 25x25 fine art print (Pomegranate) numbered 1 to 15
  • Disponibilité : 15/15
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 370 €

A portrait of you taken by Piero (wherever in Italy) and printed on Fine Art Paper 25x25, plus a signed copy of the book.
  • Disponibilité : 3/3
  • Livraison Mai 2018

Pour 650 €

Private tour in Sannicandro with Piero and a typical launch at his grandparents house. Plus a signed copy of the book and a portrait of you taken by Piero
  • Disponibilité : 1/1
  • Livraison Juillet 2018

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