Q-Some Big Band CD recording: Dreamin'

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Q-Some Big Band CD recording: Dreamin'

The Q-Some Big Band is a big band that explores the boundaries of the big band genre in different dimensions. Swinging on stage with a classic crooner entertainer, dive into modern jazz or just simply having the blues for a moment… it’s all possible! QBB unites everything one might expect from a big band anno 2019: modern swing in contemporary arrangements, spiced up by youthful enthusiasm. But there's more...

The Q-Some Big Band:

After four years of creating fantastic music and playing awsome concerts in super venues (Roma, Rivierenhof, Polé Polé,...), it is time to record a fine selection of magical pieces of our own in-house composers.  The following are upcoming talented Belgian composers: Manten Van Gils - who wrote the beautiful 'Soft Viking' on which the BJO was more than interested, Robbe Willems, Pierre-Antoine Savoyat and prizewinning Gabriele di Franco. They gathered in the Q-Some Composer Hub. To capture their fine works, we need your help!

The Q-Some Composer Hub:

For this recording project, QBB is guided in the right direction by our seasoned artistic coaches Lode Mertens and Dieter Limbourg, from the internationally renowned Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO). 

À quoi servira la collecte

Recording an album involves a lot, and for sure when we're talking bigband. For starters, we engaged a top studio: DAFT, in Malmedy, and we scheduled an extra rehearsal weekend. After the recordings in the weekend of 20-21-22 September comes the mixing, mastering and the actual CD-pressing. Very important are the authors' rights, promotion and catering!

Fortunately we have some in-house know-how: web design, cover design, production of the release concert. And composing, of course.

But still, recording some of our masterpieces with 18 fantastic musicians is a challenging and costly adventure.  So this is how we will use your financial support:


A compensation for the musicians has been assumed in the budget, but when we collect more than the initial target, all extra's go directly to them too. You can't live from love for music alone....

The money will be transferred to the account of our own Non profit organization (Quintessence VZW). The funds will be used entirely on the making and release of this album. 

You will get your copy of the album on the release concert in the fall of 2019. 

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