Rroots - an art journey in Latin America

A creative project, a social research, a journey across Argentina and Bolivia, culminating with a performance in Europe.

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Rroots - an art journey in Latin America








Here below you can watch the official documentary movie about the first edition of Weave, where 60 international artists were invited for a ten days-long residency. The three main traits were: extended improvisation practice, living within a temporary community and bringing an abandoned building back to life.




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Pour 5 €

We are in touch! Thank you, first of all! With your donation you'll be included in our mailing list and get updates about the journey and the creative evolution of the process.
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Pour 10 €

…plus a special "thank you" said with a picture, a small video, an audio recording or a poem. Trought the web, from us, to you.
  • Contributeurs : 7

Pour 15 €

…plus we'll send you a postcard, a physical one, you know what that means? Handwritten from South America. We'll chose the most trash and ugly in sign of thankfulness.
  • Contributeurs : 5

Pour 20 €

Ticket for our show. Your support deserves a participation to the presentation of our final work, around spring/summer 2015, plus a multimedial gift.
  • Contributeurs : 3

Pour 25 €

Shake your slag out! Shaking, shouting and melting into movement with Maria. Plus. participation to our show, updates and multimedial gift.
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Pour 30 €

Cheers! With your donation you get a free participation to our performance + a glass of nice argentinian wine with us after the show. Multimedial gift and updates about the project's evolution included.
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Pour 40 €

Mr. Zebra strikes back! If you live in Berlin, You'll get your ticket for our show and a personal thank you from mr. Zebra directly at your doorstep! Of course, you'll be part of our mailing list and get updates about the evolution of the project, plus a multimedial present.

Pour 50 €

Alex's homemade Pizza. If you didn't taste it yet, this may be a good occasion to try Alex's fabolous's homemade Pizza. He will bake it for a special dinner where you are warmly welcome to bring your presence and your empty belly! Plus, you'll get a multimedial thank you and ticket for our next show.
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Pour 60 €

From piss to bliss. In the area of Berlin you'll experience an authentic 4-handed fake healing session. Those same hands will also provide you a ticket for our performance, plus you'll be part of our mailing list, get a multimedial gift and that's it.

Pour 70 €

Your empathy has to be rewarded with… "Gastro-empathy". The "Tea-shirts" is a series of silk-screen self made T-shirts by Alex. If you're a metalhead, the model "Want Doom" is for you! A multimedial present, mailing list's updates and free partecipation to our show is included.
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  • Disponibilité : 19/20

Pour 100 €

Your generosity will be rewarded with a professional photograph, plus a multimedial present, free partecipation to our show, an old-school postcard from Latin America and news & updates about the project's evolution.
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Pour 150 €

When Alex went to India he wasn't just hanging out with hippies: he also got a certification as massage therapist. So, in sign of gratitude, you'll get a full body massage in the areas of Berlin and Bolzano. No happy endings, it's about ayurveda, reflexology and acupressure. Dogs are welcome.

Pour 200 €

You'll get a print of a kick-ass photograph taken during our journey. Hang it in your living room to remind yourself how great you are by supporting a creative project. A multimedial present, a free participation to our performance and silk-screened t-shirt will be included in the package.
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Pour 250 €

If you are running a business and would like to sponsor us with at least €250, we will add your logo to our marketing material (videoclips, web, posters, flyers ).

Pour 300 €

You support arts, you deserve art. Let's interact. In pure sign of gratitude, Maria will perform a dance piece for you, about a theme that you will choose. You'll get a professional dance clip, plus a dinner, a free ticket to our show and updates from us.
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Pour 600 €

What a support! You are literally taking us under your wings. Your donation is making you partner of our project. Your name will be mentioned in the final performance, in our videos and during the Workshop in Bolivia, that will be possible thanks to you. All the other perks are included, plus a bottle of top argentinian wine.

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