Seed bank for cold climat gardener

North european association seed bank and free education for self sufficiant life style!

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Seed bank for cold climat gardener

the seeds bank project


The project started after we realize how difficult it is to find good seeds (vegetable , medicine plant , flowers, grains crops...) what are really adapted to grow good in cold climat condition . And also how poor biodiversity of seeds you can buy  directly from north european country, what are really adapted to all conditions here . If you want find this biodiversity you have to order from more south country and adapt by your self.10917032_1016063741791441_6806245914727793054_o-1449770261


Our goal is search plants adapted to the food autonomy in cold climat.

Plants, which are easy to reproduce from seeds to seeds for all gardeners , because this is the key  for a real autonomy of the food production here in north hemisphere.

We look for plants which are easy run to seeds, because of the short seasons of cold climat it 's essential to get seeds back from plants and start to really acclimated them in our conditions.

The seed companies usually select plants for their faculties to run late in seeds , those are more adapted for the long seasons of south regions , not for us who living in cold climat.

We don't look to propose many hundreds varieties of plants , just a essential selection of vegetable , medicine plants , flowers , grains crops... adapted to cold climat and complete autonomy of  food production.

usually people cultivate , salads , cabbage , tomatoes .... and don't manage the complete cycle and depend again on the purchase of buying seeds every year.

We need to solve this problem by growing and selecting right salads , cabbage , tomatoes... witch are adapted to grow entire life cycle , from seeds to seed.

Some of the seeds production will be for sale , but mostly for exchange or give to people who want help us grow more seeds varieties and start became godmother or godfather for some variety.

Every profits will be reinvest to promote more biodiversity in differents activities what we wish to share.

The idea is not make profit but promote exchange and action between people here in Finland and around the world.

We already have a selection of seeds , which seem to be essential partners in cold climat garden and we work every year  to widen this biodiversity.


Some examples of varieties:


8 differents tomatoes varieties that grow ready between 50 days to 65 days (slava from Russian , islanders , sub artic red , blue berry .....)

Different peas , many flowers and medicine plant , 2 different rare beans that are good for short season , quinoa , barley from Himalayan montain , buckwheat , rare salad ......

Ask if you want the complete list!

This year ,we will also get help from one of the best seed bank in Europe , by a donation of very rare seeds from all around the world to start the process of selection and adaptation of many news varieties.


Help us to build this seed bank project! We can do this action all together and propose a great biodiversity of seeds for cold climat gardeners!




the free education project


We understand the difficulties what  many people may have to start  more autonomous life from this consumer society.

We need  to start by understanding and regain control of our vital needs : to breathe ,to drink ,to eat , to create our own energies and medicines.... so that we can have hope to change current system.

So ,this idea to share our knowledge and some various solutions,how successfully create a life style more self-sufficiant from consumer society,came to us.

From gardening in synergy with the nature , to the protection and cleaning of our waters , energy production , use of healing plants and many other subjects allowing to regain control of our life.


Why free education :


Because we believe that , all education should be free!

We  bought an old log barn from our neighbour .we  started to take it  down and we planned  to rebuild it at our place for make a nice workshop. We need  to renovate this barn from inside, that it could become a great place where people can learn and share skills about  permaculture , gardening , peace , alternative medicine for the body and soul , biodynamics , synergistic life with nature.... and to build more self-sufficiant life.



This barn will be our future workshop



We hope you like our project and we promises you , that it will be great adventure!




We hope the best for you and thanks to share our project!


Synergistic farm family.

À quoi servira la collecte

The money we will collect from your help will be use for :


Materials for Build a second greenhouse :       500 euro


Finish the workshop building and renovated it inside :900 euro


Build a eco cellar for the roots and biannual vegetables to wait spring that they can be used to produce seeds : 650 euro


Buy new open pollonisation seeds and start to adapt them in our farm here in finland for propose more adapt biodiversity crops to people north european countrys :  150 euro


Buy protection material for the prevention of cross pollinization crops : 100 euro


The cost to finish to create the association , paper work , web...: 200 euro


That would be a great start for our association project!


If we reach our goal of 2500 euro and get more ,we could buy

Some agricol machines for our fjord horse . the garden and the possibility of propose more seeds ,will be faster growing . Cost 1000euro


Some small material to help the production and cleaning seeds :300 euro


And a very strong strenght to propose you more in exchange!!

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