The future of education... NAO!

Humanoid robots caring for people at home... Remote home medical care is a growing part of the healthcare system, and humanoid robots such as NAO, will be key components of future remote assistance platforms. I am looking for funding to help in this project and design the software to meet the requirements of the future robotic age.

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The future of education... NAO!



NAO is a research platform used by more than 350 prestigious universities and research labs around the world.

It is a versatile platform used to explore a wide variety of research topics in robotics as well as computer science, human-machine interaction, and the social sciences.



Robots allow students to connect theory with practice and discover a wide range of robotics-related fields, such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics.

Bill Gates, the Japanese Robotics Association, and the European Commission have something in common: they all believe robotics will be as important tomorrow as computers are today. This means all future engineers, scientists, and researchers in applied sciences benefit from learning about robotics.




My goal is to offer robots that contribute to everyone's well-being. At every stage of life, people can need assistance at home. This is especially true for the elderly.

Demographics tells us that all developed countries will face dramatic increases in the population of elderly and retired persons compared with young and active persons. Humanoid robots will have a clear role in assisting the elderly in their day-to-day lives, allowing them to live at home longer and maintain as much autonomy as possible.

The prospect of humanoid robots caring for people at home responds to this gradual demographic shift that not only involves individuals, but also health policy, as robots represent a very cost-effective alternative to long-term hospital stays. Remote home medical care is a growing part of the healthcare system, and humanoid robots such as NAO, and tomorrow Romeo, will be key components of future remote assistance platforms.

Thanks to its human-like interaction based on voice and gesture, NAO is the only humanoid robot able to play the crucial role of personal assistant.

NAO is a companion that communicates with remote caregivers (family, relatives, service providers, etc.), ensures medical and home surveillance, and provides real assistance at home.

It can also help in Retirement Facilities and play the role of host for an aging population.

À quoi servira la collecte

The funds will enable me to purchase the hardware and software to begin the journey of adapting the already used NAO project in an assistive capacity. As a disabled person myself, I fully understand the benefits that the NAO project can bring to both the disabled and elderley members of our community. Total funding required is £3500 although I have so far collected £1000 in personal finances myself. I am now ready to kickstart this project but require the balance to continue in this great quest!

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