An instrumental modern-vintage-fusion concept, do you think it deserves to be recorded by good musicians ? Help me to finance this project.


Présentation détaillée du projet

The Stardust Odyssey is a musical project mixing jazz-rock-funk-afro-latino, based on bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax. 15 musical compositions from soft to hard.(I already have 15 for TSO part II)

I made a demo with virtual instruments (except guitars I played) and I'd like to make an album with musicians to replace the virtual track by real played ones. (drums, bass, keyboards, trumpet, trombone, tenor sax)

I already have a pianist/keyboards & a tenor-saxophonist, I'm looking for a bassist, a drummer, a trumpeter & a trombonist.

I need to finance musicians performance, (not the studio because I have one), the mixing and the mastering in a big professional  studio.

À quoi servira la collecte ?

I need minimum 3000 euros (to complete my personal investment) : to pay the musicians, (not the studio, because I have one), the mixing and the mastering in a good professional studio.



Guitarist, composer (Funk, Rock(progressive), Blues, Fusion, Latin, Afro, a bit jazz & classical) from lounge to hard. After several projects (from non-profits to pro) starting by Hard-funk in the 90s, Afro-funk in the 00s, Fusion in the 10s, until now. About 50 compositions through all those years, from hard to classical, and some songs. (you can... Voir la suite

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Joyeuuuux anniversaaaaire un peu à l'avance Pierre-François! Nous profitons de cette occasion pour t'aider dans le financement de ton projet. Gros bisous Caroline, Virginie et Jean-Yves