theChange - Into the wild society

This is about #theChallenge55 and other 99 crazy assignments to accomplish during 80 Days of travelling without money around Europe

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theChange - Into the wild society

This crowdfunding campaign is for voluntary donations for #theChallenge55, to afford an instant camera and print costs.


​Please before donating, achieve #theChallenge60 and you will have your reward! :)


When I set up this campaign, it was full with great descriptions and pictures, and I was perfectly explaining how I would use those 330 euros. But now you can read the full description on the link, and I realised that I could manage to accomplish all the challenges without any initial donation. 


But I'm just leaving this campaign for voluntary donations. Even 20 euros would help me! :)

À quoi servira la collecte

Why not?

This should be the right answer. But for those of you who really read with calm all the description, but still didn't get it, please visit this. It's the blog I launched especially for this project, in order to let you people trust me when I say that I won't use that money to fund my escape to Cuba. :)


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