Website Erasmus Bremen

Our project is to create a website to help the Erasmus students in Bremen to easily integrate in Germany by providing them a lot of good tips.

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Website Erasmus Bremen

I. Presentation of our Project


As former Erasmus students in Bremen, we encountered some problems during our integration particularly with our search for apartments and internships. For these reasons, we would like to create a website that aims to help the students to easily integrate in Germany by providing them a lot of good tips concerning the categories of accommodations, university, nightlife, sport, culture, travel, student jobs and internship that are the most important to enjoy the best experience during their exchange.


Concerning our project, we would like to create a clear and simple website that is well designed and fully Responsive, which means that could be accessible from any devices. To meet better this objective, we decided to buy a WordPress template that will permit us to propose a really unique designed website to our targeted students.






We will then enrich the content of our website with a lot of articles that will be useful to the international students that are preparing an exchange in Bremen based on our own experience. In a second time, we plan to promote our website largely on the Internet via the social media, where the students are very present, and via SEO techniques to be available on the first pages of Google requests.



II. Project Team


We are a team of three former students of the Hochschule Bremen. Leo and I are responsible to design and create the content of the website and Quentin is responsible of providing the visual content that is essential to illustrate our articles. 


Valentin - Project Manager   Leo -  Assistant PM   Quentin - Photographer



À quoi servira la collecte

The money collected will be used to:


- Buy an awesome WordPress theme for our website (50€)

- Buy a domain name ( and host our website at OVH during 2 years (90€)

- Buy some Copyright free pictures to enhance the visual content of our website (30€)

- Pay the 8% commission of KissKissBankBank (13,60€)

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