Where is Home?

Contribute in the financing of a contemporary art installation questioning identity through migration!

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Where is Home?

Where is Home? is an audio-visual and sensory art installation. A mise en abyme of emigrés against all the challenges they face in their journey of establishing themselves in a country with cultural and economical differences. This installation questions identity through immigration: why emigrés come to London and how they deal with their day-to-day life.


The testimonials 


The installation will let visitors hear the story of different migrants in London: from refugees to successful executives. I will be recording one person each day for the next 50 days.





The participants are from different backgrounds and I haven’t necessarily met them before. They have different jobs, different education levels and come from different countries. Those who agree, will appear in the series of portraits accompanying the material and audio installation. Each photo will have the participant’s name, age, country of origin and number of years he/she has been living in London and finally the postcode.



The installation


The material installation will be approximately 30x100x100 cm and it will be in movement inside a black box. 





You will have to look through an opening to see what’s happening inside while you have your headphone listening to the testimony of the 50 emigrés and their experiences.



Who am I ?





I'm Chaymae Lougmani, a Moroccan visual artist currently living in London. I have an aptitude for experimental projects and I come from a set and space design background. My work is mainly about identity, migration and women's rights.  


I've spent 3 wonderful years in India and Vietnam where I worked mainly as an artistic director.   


My past exhibitions:  


The society hanging – Installation (Identity)

The Artists Lock-Ins, The book Club

London, January 2016  


Labyrinth, our bodies are our property – Performance Installation

Festival La Fête des Installations La Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abbatoirs

Casablanca June 2015.  


Women’s small businesses in Vietnam – Photography exhibition

Vox Populis Art Festival

HCMC, June 2014.



À quoi servira la collecte

This is a non profit art installation that projects any emigré’s existence. Funding it would be helping these people to raise questions about the essence of life, their future projects and their objectives.


The goal of To Where? is to raise questions arounds these matters and encourage the visitor to reflect on the subject of identity. The installation aims at opening debate, be it an inner-discussion or a social exchange.


What the money is used for

Instant color film for polaroid: £162

Material for internal installation: £340

Carpentry: £65

Kisskiss bank expenses: £50

Total : £617



If the objective exceeds the expectations  

If the project achieves more than £1000, I will be able to triple the number of testimonials and print more portraits.


If the project achieves more than £2000, I will be able to interview and print portraits of more than 300 people and eventually make a map with the participants photos and where they are based in London.


My objective for this project is to attend a 1000 testimonial by 2017. I count on your support!

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