100 % Nude Photobook

Support the creation of a 100% Nude Photo Book in response to the censorship of social networks on our bodies

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100 % Nude Photobook

Yes, on the internets we can publish photos of our meals from morning, lunch, until evening.
Yes, our holidays are interesting to those around us.
Yes, the news that sweeps our timelines are important, it allows us to establish a contact with the real world, misery, new trends, latest artist in vogue, tensions in the world.
Yes we can prove that our lives are great!
We can talk about everyday experiences and even create constructive debates for everyone, even where this '' everyone '' can express themselves.
Yes, everything is possible, and it's superb.
But our body doesn't have place here.
Because yes, we have recive all violence and mediocrity of the big world, but beware of you who try to reveal even a piece of buttocks, you could shock '' the pure soul '' of internet.
Beware of you, you may receive the classic message  " you don't respect standards of community" .
All right, let's do a book, not against it but to answer.
Obviously, of course, if this censorship exists, it is to protect us from unintentional pornography that could come out of nowhere at any moment.
But Art?
The inspiration that is whole body, which has always interested the world and creation. This body, what do we do.
I decide to create a book composed entirely of nudes.
Some of my pictures: (explicit content)





























My name is Thibault. I am 28 years old. Native of Le Havre in France.
My main activities are film photography and writing.
My main inspiration, wander.
I released a self-publishing collection of 'Amonide Vegas' in 2014.
Also a photobook  in 2016 entitled ' ici nulle part ' ( here nowhere ) published by Editions Lemaitre.
My last book is 'PASSION', road book from the USA in 2017 accompanied by my two brother of long roads Emmanuel Rosario and Théo Gosselin.
This book is available at the Fisheye Gallery (Paris) during the exhibition 'Swim at Your Own Risk' until 21 April.
It is also available in the counterparties opposite.
The content of my work is essentially enriched by long journeys and daily wanderings, long and hot nights.
Come what comes.
The result is the possible existence of art books.
The culmination of a work, in my opinion is an exhibition, each time, an inscription in reality to leave again.


With Emmanuel and Theo, excerpt from 'PASSION'
The idea is to gather some of my already existing photos but especially to get a large majority of new images (80%), to still photograph people, friends, strangers, of all kinds, without special selection criteria.
This book would be my third photo book. It would be totally self-edited unless a publishing house is interested to publish this book.
Its release should be good for October 2018
It will be drawn between 200 and 500 copies according to budget.
It will be 100% nude but also 100% silver like 99% of my photos.
So many percentages.
You support independent photography, THANKS
To thank you, staggered counterparties are waiting for you
Among these counterparties you will find signed prints, photo books, film, cameras, shoot etc.


Waar dient de collecte voor

FIRST LEVEL : 3800 € (this is the vital base of the book)
- The biggest cost will be the printing: 3000 €
- Dandruff and scan development 400 €
- Margin of error + fees kisskissbankbank 400 €
SECOND LEVEL: 4900 € (comfort of creation and quality)
- Money for graphic designer who will help me to design the book 400 €
- Improvement of quality of work at printer 700 €
THIRD LEVEL : 6600 € (book's life after creation)
- Organization of a book release evening 300 €
- Establishment of a mobile exhibition 600 €
- Displacement of the exhibition 800 €
Creation process: (ideally)
The counterparties will be sent in April except those concerning the book in question since it will be ready in October
It will gather a hundred new images, developed and scanned between March and September + some old photos
The book layout work will begin early September
The entity that will receive the funds is Thibault Lévêque (myself)




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