Abderraouf Ouertani Quartet - Nouvel Album / New Album

Amateurs of Jazz and North African rhythms ... support the music of Abderraouf Ouertani and help release his quartet's very first CD !

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Abderraouf Ouertani Quartet - Nouvel Album / New Album



After many live concerts in Paris, like Maghreb Jazz Days’ first edition, an event launched in October, 2013 by “La Foundation de La Maison de la Tunisie” in Paris, then a participation in Jazz in Carthage festival (9th edition April, 2014) the young musician finds in his quartet his companions in his journey : The French saxophonist Benoit Meynier as well as the Palestinian percussionist Yousef Zayed.


The double bass of the Chilean Patricio Lisboa takes over the piano of Daum Jung. This new formation is the redelivery of the initial project. In this new project, the meeting with Jazz musicians is made up mainly of North-African rhythms.


-Abderraouf Ouertani (Oud / Composition)

-Benoit Meynier (Saxophone soprano & tenor)

-Patricio Lisboa (Double bass)

-Yousef Zayed (Percussions) 


Video trailer of the project :




Provisional list of the musical pieces:


- The Departure

- Letters to Oumayma :  Solitude of a November Night

- Letters to Oumayma :  Solitude of a December Night

- Letters to Oumayma :  Solitude of a February Night

- Letters from T.

- The Tears of Didier B.

- The Lost City, Tunis

- From Beijing to Shanghai

- Malakoff, Summer 2010

- The Return


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I- Recording :


- Rehearsal Studio

- Recording studio

- Musicians


II- Post-Production :


- Mixing

- Mastering

- Design and cover models for the CD


III- CD  Pressing

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