Ad Hoc is to support artistic research of young creators and to contribute to the creation of an artist residency and of an exhibition.

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AD HOC is an artist residency and a show. A moment when the Culbuto collective invites fifteen young artists to work for two weeks in a recognized place of contemporary art: tLa STATION ( in Nice, France ).


This video is one of a short series . The collective Culbuto asked the artist David Perreard to create unusual promotional films. Throughout the KKBB campaign David P. and Culbuto team will update you with new videos and details of the various projects of invited artists.



Members of the CULBUTO collective are :


Aurélien Cornut-Gentille / Paul Le Bras / Vivien Roubaud / Mathilde Fages / Guillaume Gouerou / Ugo Schiavi




The invited artists are:


Diane Audema / Diane Blondeau / Jeanne Berbinau Aubry / Antoine Carbon / The Donovan Coadou / Juliette Dumas / Lia Giraud / Anaïs Goupy / Lyes Hammadouche / Armand Lecouturier / Julian Lemousy / Leo Lescop / Nika Qutateladze / Benjamin Saint Maxent / David Perreard / Collective Moi Moi



The timeline of AD HOC :


Residency // September 14, 2015 - October 2, 2015

Opening & Concert // 2 October 2015

Exhibition // October 3, 2015 - January 3, 2016

At: The Station, 89 Route Turin, Nice, France


At the start in 2015, the artist collective CULBUTO will propose AD HOC, an ambitious project combining both an artist residency and a show, hosted by La Station, a contemporary art venue in Nice, France.


The group will invite fifteen artists to work during the residency at La Station for two weeks to create a dynamic and specific art show. Driven by the energy of CULBUTO , which positions itself here not as Commissioner but as "catalyst", AD HOC will be based on the values ??of sharing, of exchange and of dialogue.


During the residency , the group will provide guest artists all the necessary tools to carry out their work : space , materials, but also technical knowledge and experiences will be shared in a collective benevolence. The project AD HOC relies on the willingness to open up possibilities so that the projects of each artist are carried out beyond their prior goals.





After this time of collaboration, the AD HOC exhibition will present the works produced: without an exhibition plan and without a manifesto, it will present in situ and completely new productions. AD HOC will be deployed in all areas of La Station, exploring the surrounding area, and will reach the limits of this brownfield land - a no man's land to occupy and a playground to explore.


For the opening night, CULBUTO has invited the MoïMoï collective, a multidisciplinary group involved in music and contemporary art, to program a concert to celebrate the project.


Meanwhile , the Collective CULBUTO will realize an evolving sculpture, the Culbuto tree, setting in motion a Washingtonia palm 7 to 8 meters high. A first version of this work was performed in 2013 at the Villa Garigula, in Georgia:  the founding project of CULBUTO, it stands as the expression of the working process of this group .




AD HOC will also be a stop on the Beuys on Tour project of artists Ackroyd & Harvey: on the occasion of the international conference on Climate Change, COP21, and supported by the NA FUND, this project will present the work Beuys Acorn and propose talks about climate change (in partnership with the art school Villa Arson).






The CULBUTO Collective is composed of six young artists from Villa Arson: Aurélien Cornut-Gentille, Mathilde Fages, Guillaume Gouerou, Paul Le Bras, Vivien Roubaud and Ugo Schiavi. Its activity is based on a spirit of working together and sharing experiences. Occasionally, members meet to work together on ambitious projects. Invited in 2013 to the Garikula residency (Georgia), they pulled a tree out of its natural environment to give it an independent stand and sway in the image of a culbuto toy. Placed on a concrete platform, the shaft is pushed and moved by the wind. From this work, they draw the name of their group: CULBUTO. The toy represents oscillation and research.


In 2014, the group has reconvened for the show 'Gestalt VS Gangstagave' in the windows of the Modern Art Museum in Nice (MAMAC): they showcased a piece of the hinterland of Nice, having carved out a portion of the landscape equivalent in length to that of the exhibition space available. This ecosystem (thyme, weeds, dirt, small stones, shotgun shell, piece of beehive ... and car wreck) survives thanks to lamps, fans and an irrigation system that keep alive these decorative elements. This sculpture, Ex situ / in vivo is currently installed on the forecourt of La Station and will soon be exhibited at the Biennale of Sologne.










La Station is the place of operation of the STARTER Association. The aim of this association is to defend and promote art in its most contemporary instances.


Founded in 1996, the association moved in 2009 to the old slaughterhouses of the city of Nice. It offers 1000 m2 dedicated to contemporary art, consisting of exhibit and workshop spaces. A dozen artists working there participate in the life, organization and maintenance of such an undertaking.

Through its exhibition program, the Station offers favorable conditions for initiating the most contemporary projects: younger artists find the opportunity to run their businesses  in professional surroundings, and more experienced artists push their most experimental projects. Through this intergenerational programming, La Station positions itself as a professional platform; it provides a tool connecting the artists with the reality of artistic activity and offers them visibility among viewers and art professionals.


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La Station is in partnership with :




Waar dient de collecte voor

To achieve this ambitious project, the members of the CULBUTO collective  will need all the contributions they can get. Already supported by the PACA Region, which has granted  a special grant for the creation and the Station, which will provide its spaces and will make available its resources,  the AD HOC project will not reach its full magnitude without your support.


By contributing financially, you become an actor of this adventure; and more importantly, your involvement will show your commitment to young contemporary creation.


Your contributions will fund travel, accommodation and catering of all the artists involved in the project; but also supplies for the fabrication of their pieces.


The detailed budget:


The cost of production of the works: 6500 euros


Travel / Transportation: 2,100 euros


Accommodation: 2 000 euros


Restoration: 2000 euros


Counterparties Production costs: 800 euros


Bank charges and kkbb: 1120 euros


If the collection exceeds the target of 14 500 euros, we are committed to creating an edition that will retrace the entire AD HOC project.

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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les trois premières contreparties + une impression numérique retouchée au feutre noir de Florian Pugnaire, "Tu comprends maintenant ce que c'est qu'un un mythe", 2015, format 21 x 29,7 cm (10 exemplaires, numérotés, et signés).
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les trois premières contreparties + une sérigraphie sur papier de Anaïs Goupy, Beaches, format 29,7 x 42 cm (5 exemplaires, épreuves d'artistes, signés).
  • 5 backers
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les trois premières contreparties + une lithographie de Diane Audema, Genova, 2011, format 30 x 40 cm (limitée à 5 exemplaires, numérotés et signés).
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les trois premières contreparties + une photogravure de Mathilde Fages, format 30 x 35 cm (5 exemplaires, épreuves d'artistes signées).
  • 5 backers
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

The first three rewards + a painting by Antoine Carbonne , “American desert ( the dune )” , 2015, acrylic and oil on canvas, 20 x 30 cm.
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les quatre premières contreparties + une photographie de Cédric Teisseire, Contre proposition pour le paysage, 2006/2015, format 29,7 x 42 cm, sur papier fine art, encadrée, (3 exemplaires, numérotés et signés).
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

Les trois premières contreparties + une peinture d'Antoine Carbonne, Paradism (la plage), 2015, acrylique et huile sur toile, 45 x 30cm.
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Geschatte levering: oktober 2015

The first three rewards + a painting by Antoine Carbonne , The Whole ( the bricks ) , 2015, acrylic and oil on canvas, size 80 * 110cm .
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