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The committed KissKissBankBank gift card

With this card, your loved ones can pre-order creations made in France or eco-responsible cosmetics, subscribe to independent magazines or support solidarity initiatives. It's up to them to choose among the ongoing projects on KissKissBankBank.

  • Valid for life
  • Can be used in several times
  • Available immediately

How does the gift card work?

1. Customize the card

Select the amount to donate and add a note ❤️ to accompany your card.

2. Receive it immediately

Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the card to be printed within a minute.

3. Make someone happy

Offer the card! It can be used in several times and is valid for life on all ongoing KissKissBankBank projects.

Valid on hundreds of projects

The lucky beneficiary of the KissKissBankBank gift card can choose among hundreds of ongoing projects, according to the causes that are close to one's heart and one's interests: creations made in France, eco-responsible cosmetics, independent magazines, rescuing businesses in difficulty due to the health situation…

Any questions?

Are you a company?

Give your employees and customers the opportunity to support committed projects with the KissKissBank gift card!

  • Build customer loyalty by bringing meaning to their purchases.
  • Reward your employees with a guaranteed positive impact.
  • Boost the commitment of your communities with civic values.
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