Amy Obenski & The Carbone Band, Part I

A California girl and a French band are recording one stellar album together. Your advanced purchase will bring beauty into the world!

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Amy Obenski & The Carbone Band, Part I

Our current goal in Part I of our project is 2180 euros.  That goal will get us a digital version of the album.  Once we reach 3780 euros, we can also produce the CD.  If  3780 euros is not reached during Part I of the project, we will launch a Part II in 2014 to finish the CD.


"Clearly Today" from the Amy Obenski & The Carbone Band 2013 Demo:  


Two years ago I made plans to visit Europe for one month to play my music. Before my trip I had a concert in San Francisco (where I live). A French gentleman came up to me afterward to talk to me about the show. Since I was headed for Europe soon I asked him what he thought of me performing in France. He was very intrigued by the notion and said he would introduce me to his friends and family there. He told me he knew some musicians…


Before I knew it I was being taken in by an extraordinary musical community in Nantes, France.


My first visit to France was only a week. I met Philippe Crochet (multi-instrumentalist), Josselin Sebille (Bassist) and Mourad Aït Abdelmalek (Percussionist). They were the members of my new band! I also met Christophe Loquet (Sound Engineer and brother of my French/San Franciscan friend). I met everyone in their families and it's just too many people to mention! But I quickly became to feel included in their group. During this week we had two rehearsals and two concerts and it was an unforgettable experience for me. 


The music exploded into a lush, multidimensional, energetic concoction that I could have never imagined on my own.


Three days after my return to the U.S. I couldn’t get the new sounds out of my mind. I made the unprecedented choice to return to France seven months later. During that visit I spent one month with the band, who began calling themselves The Carbone Band. We played many concerts in and around Nantes, France, and recorded a demo. It was clear at that time that there was more music to create together.

My visit with The Carbone Band this year is four months long. It’s hard to believe I’m here. Playing music with a band in France is something I never would have predicted for my life.




During my lengthy visit we have three different projects: Playing as many concerts as possible; participating in an Artist in Residence at Maison des Arts; AND recording our very first album together!


And thus, now, we’ve created this fundraising project to make our album possible!


If you haven't heard my music before you can listen by visiting my official website:


Or you can find me on Facebook at:




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We feel that the confluence of French and California culture is the real special part of our music.  However, the logistics of crossing the world to create music together is expensive and time consuming.  We truly need your financial support to make this happen.  Otherwise, it is virtually impossible.  If you have heard the music and want to see and hear more, please consider helping fund our project.  Thank you so much!



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