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Artistic exchange

** WHO ARE WE? **


What's Art is a multidisciplinary arts organization based in Lille which aims to bring together artists from all walks to create events where a maximum of art are represented. Whose project of bringing art to a more diverse audience possible, the collective created events in atypical places and not consecrated. you can discover our association, our past and future projects here


Minesweeper is a London based collective on an old navy ship that was rehabilitated in 1998 shelters for local event. After incendit that ravaged the ship in 2008, the group undertook in 2012 and its restoration makes an artistic cooperation places where everyone can have access to screen printing's instruments and where artistic and cultural events are organized. To know more details about them please visit their website.


With the will to abolish cultural boundaries and fight for total artistic freedom that the two associations have taken the initiative to set up a double event uniting Lille and London





The meeting of the two collective will in two parts:


In London on 15 and 16 April 2016, Whats'Art  will be alongside  Minesweeper collective  for temporary exhibition


Minesweeper collective's artists  will be in Lille on 14 and 15 May in "L'auberge de jeunesse de Lille"  for a return exhibition high in color!





For the occasion Whats'Art will present to our friends across the Channel the artworks of:



JESSICA VIOLON //  mixed techniques - 





LOIC YSMAL // Dot Work




FREAKS THE FAB // Street Art




MELI JUESTZ // LIve painting 




et HUGO IMHOF// Projection








Alongside them and to represent Minesweeper collective will present :


JOE FURLONG // Illustration





ILLUSTRE FECCIA// Illustration





and many other..


Waar dient de collecte voor

To carry out this project we need financial support to be able to support the path of the different team member.


We travel to eight, seven depart by bus, one in a car laden of different artworks. The cost of a bus trip is € 50 per person and return. Or 350 € for seven people. The cost of a journey by car is € 166 for the passage of the tunnel and € 60 of petrol to link Lille to Calais and Folkestone in London. Giving a total cost of € 576 for a group came. The total cost of the event for our two associations will amount to € 1,152.


The quest will be divided between our collective and dedicated to the coming of everyone in the country of the other. If the objective were to be exceeded this would allow us finance charges generate on site.


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