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We are Marion and Tatiana, 29 years old, from Brussels and lovers of the world and its ressources. Through our passions, we discovered a talent to create projects using artistic mediums, mainly dance and movement, to create spaces of discussion about human and social topics. The Art at the service of Nature. In 2019, we had the chance to create a show in Nepal and to meet an incredible number of talented artists through out our whole journey and our production. Due to Covid, we didn't get the chance to bring the nepali cast in Belgium, like it was initially planned. We decided to go back to Kathmandu to produce a new alternative version of Asphyxia and to gather even more artists around the show and to lead the discussion about those important topics a step further. Asphyxia is an artistic projet mixing the performing arts in a purpose of opening a dialogue about climate change and pollution. Why two belgian artists in Nepal? Well, Nepal is one of the most polluated country on the planet and Belgium is part of the western countries paying an extraordinary amount of money to get rid of our waste towards Asia. Unfortunately, it is the populations of Asia, including nepalese, that suffer the most harmful consequences of the world pollution and climate change. After we talk with local resident, we discovered an irritation about the pollution but also foregone conclusion behaviour. "It's like that in Nepal". Like there was no solutions possible. That's where the original idea of the show came from. We decided to go back to allow to the artists to get back on new projects after those two difficult years for the cultural and artistic world. For us, it is a beautiful experience to produce a show in a country and a culture where we have so much to learn from and so much to exchange with the people we meet. Through the sequel of Asphyxia, we hope to continue this discussion to initiate reflexions and finding solutions for a daily matter. We are lucky to count a big team of nepali artists, one south korean and one french artist for this revisited edition of Asphyxia which will take place the 22-23-24 of April in Kathmandu. We are starting this crowdfunding to, first, involve a maximum of people around this project and its topics. Second, to finance the expenses of the production. Support us ! We will be thrilled to share the link to the Live show with you !

Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding will help us to invest in the different needs of the production. Which means : the rehearsal room rent, the theatre rental where we'll produce ourselves 6 times, lights, scenography material, costumes, posters for the promotion, tickets for the sale, photo shooting, the travel expenses for the artists coming from far and other conveniences necessary to the production. Any additional donation will be directly contributing to the artists working on the project and to workshops about the topics of pollution and climate change.

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