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THE ORIGINS đŸ„Ż BAKE. is inspired by an old Jewish bakery in Brick Lane, London, that is known for its bagels and in particular its salt beef bagel, a sandwich with which I became obsessed. For years, I was frustrated that I could not find anything similar to eat in Paris. As my overall passion for food and baking grew over the years, I decided it was time for me to open my own bakeshop with the idea of bringing salt beef bagels to Paris, together with other English baked goods. THE CONCEPT BAKE. will be part bakery, part sandwich shop, producing its own bagels, as well as sourdough focaccia, sausage rolls and a variety of cakes and sweet treats. Our baked goods will be simple yet delicious, sold in a "no frills" kind of place, along with good filter coffee, English tea and all-natural fresh beverages. Our ingredients will be organic, seasonal, and sourced locally to the extent possible. We will strive to avoid using plastic in our day-to-day production and use only eco-friendly packaging. WHERE WE AT Two years after deciding to take the plunge, and despite a global pandemic, the project is finally coming together. I have signed a lease on a shop, secured a bank loan, started renovation works and hired my side-kick. Unfortunately, the prices of construction materials, notably stainless steel, which is essential in any professionnal kitchen and an important part of BAKE.'s design, have skyrocketed with the pandemic. Which is why I started this crowdfunding campaign: to raise some extra money to complete the renovation works to my satisfaction. Thanks a million for your support! 🙏

Allocation of funds

Avec la pandĂ©mie de COVID, le coĂ»t des matiĂšres premiĂšres de construction a explosĂ©, notamment l'inox, matĂ©riau indispensable pour toute cuisine professionnelle et essentiel pour l'agencement de BAKE. Le budget travaux est donc plus Ă©levĂ© que prĂ©vu et dĂ©passe l'enveloppe prĂȘtĂ©e par la banque. Pour pouvoir boucler les travaux et avoir une belle boutique pour accueillir tous les de Paris, j'ai besoin de: 3000€ pour rĂ©nover la façade (peinture des huisseries, nouveau revĂȘtement pour le bandeau, et nouvelle enseigne lumineuse) 4000€ pour crĂ©er les surfaces en inox des comptoirs dans la surface de vente Et si l'objectif de 7 000€ est dĂ©passĂ© ? Ce serait le feu! Je pourrais alors : Pour 8 500€: peaufiner la dĂ©co, en achetant du beau mobilier seconde main. Pour 10 000€: acheter du matĂ©riel de cuisine pour ĂȘtre plus efficace et produire toujours plus de bonnes choses!


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Merci du fond du coeur d'avoir soutenu mon projet! 🙏

Bagel sandwich


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Un grand merci! 🙏 1 bagel sandwich de votre choix offert đŸ„Ż 1 trĂšs bon cafĂ© filtre offert ☕


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Coffee & cookies for a year


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Un immense merci ! 🙏 1 cafĂ© filtre ☕ + 1 cookie đŸȘ Ă  chacun de vos passages chez BAKE., pendant 1 an

Baking class for 2 đŸ‘©â€đŸłđŸ‘©â€đŸł


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Un immense merci! 🙏 1 cafĂ© filtre ☕ + 1 cookie offerts đŸȘ 1 cours de boulange pour 2 chez BAKE. pour apprendre Ă  faire des bagels đŸ„ŻđŸ„Ż 1 invitation 💌 Ă  la journĂ©e soft opening pour goĂ»ter en avant-premiĂšre notre carte et donner votre avis :)

Coffee & treats for life 🙌


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Un gigantesque merci! 🙏 1 cafĂ© filtre ☕ offert Ă  chaque passage chez BAKE., valable Ă  vie 1 pĂątisserie 🍰 au choix offert Ă  chaque passage chez BAKE., valable Ă  vie 1 invitation 💌 Ă  la journĂ©e soft opening pour goĂ»ter en avant premiĂšre notre carte et donner votre avis :)


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