By PM - L'atelier restaurant

Participez à la création de notre restaurant de cuisine gastronomique et gourmande à Nice.

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By PM - L'atelier restaurant

Pierre Lesterle and Marco Raponi, young chefs from large cuisines, launch their restaurant-workshop, 4 bis Papacino wharf in Nice, France.

Both have mastered gourmet cuisine and now want to unleash their creativity.




This restaurant, Pierre and Marco conceives it as a culinary workshop where one comes to take pleasure and share his happiness to cook.

They want to remain sensitive to exchanges, like their menu that they shape in a dynamic, evolutionary, influenced by the seasons. Inspired by the Mediterranean culture, their gourmet and vegetarian cuisine is based on a thorough, delicate and sensitive work, simple and natural products above all. That is why they have chosen to collaborate with local craft producers and suppliers.




Thanks to this commitment, they conceive their profession by combining tradition, inventiveness, know-how with the current challenges.

Like François Vatel, Pierre and Marco like to see culinary art as a plural discipline, a philosophy of life. They will be at the same time Chefs Cuisiniers, Restaurateurs, Creators, “Passeurs de Savoir” and masters of ceremony.



Waar dient de collecte voor

La collecte est destinée à compléter notre financement pour l’achat de chaises et de petit matériel des arts de la table.

Votre contribution, de façon minimale, sera décomposée ainsi :

_ Participation à l’acquisition des chaises : 1700 € (modèles contemporains et confortables)

_ Art de la table : 750 €

• saucières (mini théière)

• service de l’huile d’olive

• ménages

• vaisselle céramique

_ Décoration d’intérieur : 750 €

• plantes organiques

• photophores


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