Championnat du monde de montgolfière au Brésil

Help us to get fundings to participate to the 2014 Worlds Hot Air Balloon Championship in July in Bresil.

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Championnat du monde de montgolfière au Brésil



In the end of French Hot Air Championship 2013, our team climbed on the top of the podium!

Thanks to such great ranking, we are now part of the French National Team 2014 and we registered to the 2014 Worlds Hot Air Balloon Championship in Bresil, Rio Claro.





Our main sponsor recently decided to withdraw and we are now close to resign too du to our lack of fundings. But we can't accept to withdraw from our dreams! We can't give up!


And you? Will you help us to compete agains the best pilots in the worlds? We are counting on you as soon as possible! Internationnal rules requires us to take a final decision before May 15th to avoid our county and us being penalized in 2016 Worlds.


The Worlds will take place in Rio Claro from July 17th to 27th, 200km north-west of São Paulo. Almost 100 teams from around 30 nations will fight for the award champion title!


We may not win, but important for us is to participate, represent our nation and acquire more competion experience and one day... may be... It's important to remember that a good result will reward our nation for an additionnal invitation to the Worlds 2016 in Japan. 


You'll be able to follow us on the official website for the 2014 Worlds from july 17th to 27th.




PS: If a french team can win the "mundial" in Bresil, it's certainly not the french football team! So, take the risk with us and with larger balloon!!!



Waar dient de collecte voor

We are luck to have freinds in Bresil: they got us a balloon and hostel for our team.

Our French Federation and government is helping us with 2500$ which should help us for food.


The collect from crow-funding will help us to complete the other expense evaluated to 6500/7000 Euros. (close to 10.000$...) 

We need 4 planes tickets (4500 Euros)  and money to rent a pick-up (able to take a balloon equipment) and pay for gazoline (minimum 2000 Euros)




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