Costa Rica, voyage au coeur du Paradis.

Traveling together in paradise on earth !!! Help us to protect the unique biodiversity of Costa Rica, for a conscious tourism!

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Costa Rica, voyage au coeur du Paradis.

Le Costa Rica


This small Central American republic is a haven for wildlife and flora. Tourists can cross y 5% of all known species in the world. What an unforgettable naturalistic trip.




Never countries will also aptly named. Costa Rica is rich coast. With a rich biodiversity that few other countries can claim. With an area of ​​51 100 km2 only (barely more than Switzerland), this small republic is pioneer in ecotourism.






How to explain it?   By a singular geography, with on one side the Pacific,




the other the Caribbean,




and in the center a spine volcanoes (116 volcanoes including 5 assets).




In all, twenty different habitats were identified, allowing to pass without transition from a dry area in a tropical forest or mangrove. All these habitats are home to a unique fauna and flora in the world, 850 bird species, 220 reptile species, 160 mammal species and many amphibians, 14,000 species of butterflies and 10,000 plant species, 500 orchid.






By its number of species, Costa Rica occupies the following ranks (of 228 countries):   - Plants: 17th place with 11,451 species (1: Brazil with 55,000 species)   - Amphibians: 13 ° spot with 183 species (1: Colombia with 585 species)   - Reptiles: 20 ° spot with 226 species (No. 1 Australia with 867 species)   - Mammals: 32 ° spot with 239 species (1: Indonesia with 515 species)   - Birds: 24 ° spot with 857 species (1: Colombia with 1753 species)




Furthermore, 1.3% of the species present in Costa Rica are endemic (meaning we only found anywhere else ....) Knowing the number of species of the "rich coast" is a genuine scientific puzzle, even in a small country: this figure is far from accurate and is increasing. Annually We discover 160 new species in Costa Rica, a new species every two days. This represents 1.5% of the 15 000 species discovered each year worldwide. An estimated 14 million the total number of species on earth, of which 509 000 would find in Costa Rica.





Unfortunately this is very fragile biodiversity due to deforestation and the merchant of animal species, that's why preserving these habitats and these species is in first place of the Costa Rican government concerns, including one of the tools major is the development of green tourism, balanced and respectful.


Small presentation, I am a 37 year old French love of nature and photography, 5 years ago I left the comforts of the city with my 1 year old son to live the Pura Vida. I am passionate about this country, this exceptional biodiversity and I undertook to help to preserve it as best I can.




César Barrio Amorós is a herpetologist Spanish recognized and a professional photographer (Doc photography frog), who lived twenty years in Venezuela and moved there 5 years in Costa Rica. He specializes in amphibians and reptiles but are immense knowledge about fauna of Central America and south. It is invaluable for this project.





The project


The project is to share with you through 4 Ebooks divided into categories: Amphibians and reptiles, mammals, birds and invertebrates, more access to enthusiasts and experts, and 4 other shared areas (North Pacific, South Pacific, Caribbean and mountain) more access to the eco-responsible tourism. endemic and common species of Costa Rica, as well as landscapes and other treasures out of the tourist tours. And a website gathering valuable information about the country, eco-tourism and fauna and flora.





I will join local biologists, such as herpetologist Cesar Barrios-Amorós, to give you more information about our discoveries and the ways to preserve this exceptional wildlife with a conscious tourism that wealth.


Galerie photos de César Barrio Amorós


There will also be some top addresses for lovers of nature as organic farms, villages yurts luxurious pools are replaced by natural pools and incredible stunts.


The project that will last 6-8 months as in Costa Rica there are only two seasons: the dry season from December to April-May and the green season (rainy) from May to November,

and some species are more easily found in green season .. 


Help us preserve this little paradise !!




if luckily collection exceeds our goal, i will wish to publish a photo-book and make a photo exhibition on Costa Rica and subsequently extend the information to the lush flora of this paradise.


I hope i have given you the desire to share this adventure with us, there will be an accessible Facebook page for live real-time progress of our project.


The Ebooks will be available in English and Spanish in december.


Thank you in advance and Pura Vida* !!! 







* Pura Vida literally means "pure life" and would have served as real life, real life, full of life ... This expression is used here to say hello, goodbye, thank you, nothing ... It is the expression of Costa Rica.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Distribution of the collection: the entire project is estimated at 10 000 euros, 4000 euros by us.  


- 2500 euros: 2 cameras are needed for macro shots and Sony a55 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm zoom lens around 500 euros. zoom Tamron AF 90mm f / 2.8 Di SP A / M 1: 1 Macro Lens for Sony Digital SLR Cameras (Model 272ES) 500 euros.

And the second, Sony a55 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm zoom lens 500 euros with the necessary accessories (tripods, batteries, memory card, zoom ...) valued at 1000 euros extra).  


- 2500 euros: travel (Pacific side of the Osa Mountain south to drought Guanacaste, through the Mount Chirripo and the many volcanoes, ending with the Caribbean coast and humidity)   comprehensive information on species and with a full-time biologist (about 3000 euros for the whole project including 2,000 euros supported by us)   and accommodation (about $ 10-20 a night for cabinas.) This part of the budget is the most important, additional 2000 Euros are supported by us also ..  


- Creation of the website and domain name. (200 euros for the first year)  


- Creation and Publishing ebooks books. (300 euros).  


- 480 euros commission to the site KissKissBankBank Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget TraductionOutil d'aide à l'export  

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