D'images et de briques

A photo for YOU, a school for THEM = Support for children of Burma

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D'images et de briques

A brick school, sheltered from the monsoon, not far from their houses, here is the project "Images and bricks" for an isolated village in Burma (Thint Aet Tint). What's more important than education?

I am a nurse, passionate about photography and travel. I was in Burma in November for a care mission. I discovered a very endearing and welcoming population despite the prevailing precariousness. Back in France I got closer to Smile Burma, an NGO that already works, humanistically, for these populations.

Since 2016, Smile Burma has initiated concrete actions for an isolated village in the state of Shen,. A school building exists but is no longer sufficient for the current reception of children from 3 to 5 years old. Every year, Smile Burma supported the Colorful Flowers School by buying school material for children (notebooks, pencils, scissors, markers, coloring, ...), shelves, educational games, ... In 2017, they installed air conditioning in both floors. Today a small bamboo annex needs to be replaced by a brick building.

The Colorful Flowers School is located in a isolated village in East Dagon, on the outskirts of the Yangon city in Myanmar. It is a village subject to floods, built on stilts. The 4000 inhabitants are for the most workers who have very little means. 32 children are currently Schooled in Colorful School Flowers. We would like now :  Enlarge the structure by building a second building on the same field so as to accommodate a more children.

For the construction of the second building, the land already belongs to Htwe Htwe, a laidy who is in charge of the school. The land measures 4.9 x 13.7m or 67.13 m2.

Our participation will finance all or part of the realization of this local hard.

On the one hand by a direct collection whose funds collected are donated to Smile Burma.

On the other hand, indirectly, by the exhibition and sale of my Burmese photos for the benefit of this village school project. Two exhibition venues are already booked on PARIS and GENEVA in Switzerland. I have already had the pleasure of exhibiting and selling my photos. You will find an overview on my Facebook page or on Instagram.

With this experience, I strive to find a good value for money to optimize my action.

more information: www.smileburma.org

Waar dient de collecte voor

The donations will be used to make an envelope for this project, to cover the purchase of materials, the transportation of these materials to reach the isolated village and the local workforce. Smile Burma's choice is for a Reinforcement Concrete Structure (RC) for this new location. A durable choice and more reliable than a simple steel structure, which would require expensive maintenance due to wear and rust).

  • With a goal of 5000 €: we are halfway to the necessary sums, which is already excellent!

  • If the goal reaches 10,000 €: the structure will be achievable as soon as possible.

  • Beyond, from 21.000 €: it will be possible to consider an additional floor to the structure.

  • Finally, if the collection reaches 31.000 €: a 3rd floor will be possible, which will allow beautiful prospects of reception for the children of this region.

In addition, part of the donations will be used for the printing of photos that I will exhibit in two different places, and in three periods, in Paris and Geneva (printing photos, and buying frames). The money raised by the sales of these photos will be offered to the NGO Smile Burma. A specific treatment concerns some photos, by a pigmentation with gold (process by Carbon Tranfert with gold leaf) for a particularly artistic result (and seller).


The tests are already very conclusive :)


To cover the needs of these preparations an overall budget of 2000 € * is therefore necessary, for an expected profit of 5500 € * (for information, the photos processed in gold have a cost of 840 € for an expected profit of 1680 € )


Part of the donations will cover the cost of printing and mailing, parceling and stamping for counterparties offered to contributors and the percentage of commission agreed with the site Kisskissbankbank.

In any case, if they exceed the expected budget, donations will be donated to the NGO Smile Burma.


It all starts here and with YOU 

   I count on you, YOU and Y.O.U

with confidence and gratitude


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