Deep America

Photo reportage, notes and thoughts One month on USA roads An Art Book by self-publishing at the end

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Deep America


Project Leader : Thibault Lévêque


Picture by my friend Emmanuel Rosario



I'm 27. I am French and currently living in Paris. My main activities are writing and photography. I released a collection of texts in self-publishing 'Amonide Vegas' as well as a photo book studded with thoughts last May entitled 'here nowhere' published by Editions Lemaitre. The content of my work is essentially enriched by long journeys during which I am not on vacation but in action, alive more than elsewhere.





  All the month of June of this year, I go to United States. This will be the fourth great journey I will make there. This time it will not be basically to discover the country. But rather to take pictures of what has called me so many times. The true face of the United States. Not that cool Los Angeles or New York. The forgotten States, the electorate of Mr. Trump for example, the inhabitants of dust, long roads, hypermarkets, model families or those lapsed. Children, youth, old people. All. I want to photograph our times, shortcomings, advantages, all in this post Obama period, try to perceive a change or on the contrary an immobilism. Go to see to be able to talk about it, to attract adventures, to make a book.



Some pictures of my work :


















  Il s'agira d'être immergé au sein de tout cela durant un mois de route à moto.

Mon associé, lors de cette aventure, sera Emmanuel Rosario, grand ami photographe Américain avec qui j'ai l'habitude de traverser les US de long en large.


  son site :


  Notre mode d'action est très simple, rouler s'arrêter au hasard dans ces villes fantômes, ces villes témoins, pales copies les unes des autres, où tout le monde sans exception se retrouve au fast food pour avaler trois merdes au doux son de Fox News, puis repartir à ses occupations. Aussi les endroits désertiques où l'activité est en fin de course. Des rencontres agréables, plus ou moins, des instants volés. 

Nous dormons généralement à la belle étoile, chez des amis, ou dans des motels miteux pour alléger notre budget mais surtout pour rencontrer cette Amérique profonde que nous traquons. Rien ne sera filtré ou censuré.

































  I wan't to create a book of Art. A book accompanied by travel writings, notes.

100 numbered copies, may be more depending on the result of the collection.

This will be my second book of this magnitude.   Departure June 1 from Detroit - Michigan, returning one month later. My tickets are already taken!   A month of total immersion, two bikers, a book reporting the current United States, far from the filter media, far from collective agreements. One of the facets of the true face of the USA in 2017.





Thanks so much for your help in this project. 


Adventure begins here








Waar dient de collecte voor

- Printing of the book: 3000e We will find an attentive printer and will prefer quality to quantity.   - Development and scanning of films: 600e   - Work of a graphic designer: 500e The layout will be done by a skilled graphic designer and specialized in book layout.   - Purchase films: 300e We will require a minimum of 60 dandruffs.   - Unforeseen expenses : 200e     Entity who receive the funds: Thibault Lévêque (myself)    


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