Take part in Sucré's first Atelier !

More cookies for a better world !

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Take part in Sucré's first Atelier !

Sucré was born out of the idea to deliver something sweet and genuinely delicious during the second lockdown when everyone is restricted to only the perimeter of their own homes. 

The business is owned and ran by a pair of well-traveled duo - Louise and Victor who enjoy exploring the intersection of food and culture whenever they travel. We relocated to London three years ago, and have now returned to the home city where Victor grew up.

CAPTION: Co-founder of Sucré, Louise and Victor. 

From the first batch of cookie dough mixed with a silver spoon, Sucré has evolved steadily its scale of production and operation model, so as our ever-changing menu.

CAPTION: Our first batch of cookies baked from the small apartment at the heart of Chantilly  

With the production volume we reach in recent months, it has taken the team to its limit with at-home baking. We are currently building our first Sucré Atelier where it shall grant us the capacity to produce and develop more flavour combinations; a space to cultivate two projects down the pipeline centered around specialty coffee and focaccia-based sandwiches. Regardless of the format, we make no compromise on ingredients nor time, our core mission remains to present you with food that we love to eat and share ourselves.

CAPTION: One of our three focaccia-based sandwiches: focaccia bread, aubergine caviar, mortadelle and mozzarella Fior Di Latte.

Over the past eight months, we are humbled to witness the love and support from the community in order to grow the business enormously. We thank the help from our friends’ shops namely L’agitée du Bocal in Lamorlaye, L’Atelier in Gouvieux and L’épicerie aux Antipodes in Senlis.  

Recently, we started making appearances at the local markets in Gouvieux, Chantilly, and Senlis. Though we cannot quite see the actual smile behind masks, we undoubtedly feel the power of your love and support.

CAPTION: Victor at Chantilly market

This is a project inspired by a love of community and food-sharing. The Atelier seeks to bring cultural and community-oriented dimensions through workshops with local specialists and/or artists. We hope the Atelier will be a melting pot for people to meet and collaborate and hopefully feel inspired.



Opening of the Atelier: 1 July 2021

Opening of the bar extension w/ coffee and focaccia: 1 September 2021

Waar dient de collecte voor

Allocation of the fund raised in this campaign are listed as follows: 


2500 euros to construct the lab to adhere to the French regulations of health & safety


-    Plumber

-    Tiling

-    Painting the front shop and the interior

-    Electricity

-    Specific ventilation system 


9500 euros for furniture purchase

-    Freezer

-    Mixing Robot 20L

-    Professional pastry oven

-    Condensation hood

-    Coffee machine

-    Two fridges

-    Tailor made counter


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