Documentaire - Nangpai Gossum, à la verticale du ciel

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Documentaire - Nangpai Gossum, à la verticale du ciel

When it's so cold out there, why do we still climb on mountains ?




Which mysterious strengh pushes otherwise reasonable people to put themselves in crazy situations ? And liking it on top of that !


We will be heading for 6 weeks in Nepal this fall, with Mathieu Maynadier, Julien Dusserre, Pierre Labbre et Mathieu Détrie to film with them, in search for an answer, from Katmandu to the border with Nepal, and then during their attempt to climb a virgin 22000 feet peak. We will share their thoughts and feeling during the 4 weeks in basecamp, already 16000 feet closer to the stars...


This spring earthquakes have been shocker for us, but we realized that maintaining our expedition was the right thing to do, as these valley live mostly from tourism and porters activities.




More than just an expedition report, our goal is to talk about mountain people, alpinists, from every country and every era. We will use these 4 extremely strong guides as a modern example of the timeless experience shared by the pionners, 150 years ago.


We will search for the older alpinists thoughts and feeling in the abundant litterature, from Rebuffat to Terray, Whymper, Joe Simpson to Messner and Bonatti.




Alpine style in Himalaya


Well, this style is the proper term for the most modern "fast and light" approch. Less gear, less weight, no oxygen = less time on the mountain and less risks. But the consequences are much more serious if anything goes wrong...


In support with the climbers, the film crew will embrace this style and use no external assistance (helicopter) to capture the process.




Visual treatment


Cinematic will be the name of our game, no helicopter, no crane. We will get really close from the action, of really far from it to hopefully make you feel what is happenning in the mind and around these four men.


We will try to get as far as possible from the "industry standard" film, short cuts and loads of camera movements. We will shoot in black and white, aiming for these crazy mountain lights.





The crew : 


Climbers :


These guys share so much, and have such different personalities ! All from the french mountains, starting their scrambles on mountains young, they all became mountain guides. On top of their carrer, they are all very strong climbers, ice specialists, and good on snow. They all travel across the world for higher, harder and especially for more beautiful mountains : Nepal, China, Patagonia, Tibet, Russia.... From some of their expeditions, they brought back a nomination for Piolets D'Or, the annual holy Graal of mountain climbing....

Capture_d__cran_2015-06-30___17.20.59-1435677717 Matthieu Maynadier.



Capture_d__cran_2015-06-30___17.21.09-1435677734Julien Dussere.


Capture_d__cran_2015-06-30___17.21.16-1435677742Matthieu Détrie.

Capture_d__cran_2015-06-30___17.21.24-1435677749Pierre Labbre.



La réalisation :



Julie Guignier et Clément Perotti : The two halves of Sandstones Media live in Paris, but you won't find them there often. Always close from Fontainebleau's rocks or running around the globe with a camera in hand. For 5 years, we are followinf the most talentend climbers in the world in their travel to share it with you. Our mission this time is to survive to the monster rythm of these four athletes, with all the gear in our bags !


Editing :


Alexandre Marchesseau is a future mountain guide, a monoski talent and a funding member of TeCrew. Never far from a mountain, he will be in charge of editing the final piece, while keeping an eye on Mont Blanc from his window. 




Waar dient de collecte voor

And himalayan expedition is a very expensive piece of travel. Between the gear, the planes, the treck and the audio and video gear, it is a 80 000 $ project.



While we already received a lot of help for the survival and filming gear, we are still 10 000 € short on our budget. We ask your help to fund the trek, the part when we acclimitize to the altitude, while walking to base camp. 

Thameserku, a nepalese trek agency will take care of all the logistic of our travel, food, porters, you name it. The 4000 € we ask for will be directly handed to this nepalese company. If your generosity put us over our goal, we will still give it to this company, as the price of the treck for our crew is 8000 €.

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