Dream Koala - Ocean (Live Performance)

Help me to realize a music video / live performance for my track 'Ocean'.

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Dream Koala - Ocean (Live Performance)


I've seen that you all enjoyed my latest track 'Ocean' and I'm glad about it. So, I decided to make a live performance video of this track. The concept is something between a music video and a live performance : I'll be playing the track in a virtual environment with some lights and water/organic textures. I'm working with talented people on the visuals but now, I really need you to finance the video


I'm an independant and young artist. I don't work with any major labels or producers for the moment because I want to keep making everything by my own as long as possible.


Please, share this project with your friends or people you know who could like my music.

If each person on my Facebook fanpage give 1$, we can make some mothafuckin blockbuster shiet! 

It's gonna be a sick video.




- Yndi 








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We need some benjies to buy the material needed to build the scenery where i'm going to perform "Ocean". It does include neon lights, polystyrene and cardboards.

The more we'll get money, the more we'll be able to buy material and the less we'll have to use the computer.

400€ is the minimum, but more can only be good!

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