Ecole privée élémentaire bilingue à Vicq

A place where children can grow up in a positive way.

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Ecole privée élémentaire bilingue à Vicq

<p><em>A school that nourishes, inspires and builds happiness.</em></p> <p><br /> <strong>The project in detail:</strong><br /> Les jeunes poussent autrement is a private elementary school located in Vicq (78) which wants to be independent and open in terms of pedagogy. It will therefore offer a multi-pedagogical education, bilingual English / French with a limited number of students to be as close as possible to the children. The school will include creative projects, focused on the environment and respect for living things.</p> <p>It is a school resolutely turned towards nature. Here, we take the time to observe, listen, smell, touch, taste: discover simple pleasures through projects that have meaning, that are useful. The school of life is here!</p> <h3><br /> <strong>Eco-responsibility:</strong></h3> <p>The school aims to educate children about the environment from an early age by limiting the production of waste so that they become the eco-citizens of tomorrow.<br /> In practice, this is to encourage daily actions of eco-citizenship.</p> <h3><strong>Co-education:</strong></h3> <p>A school resolutely turned towards parents to create a relationship of trust, a relationship of quality.<br /> Positive exchanges create a favorable climate for children to learn and multiply progress. Intergenerational ties are rich. Parents, grandparents but also local stakeholders are therefore invited to the classroom to participate and lead / supervise workshops, share readings, life experiences, meals and take part in school events. Highlights that mark the minds of children, families and teachers.</p> <h3><strong>Benevolence and respect:</strong></h3> <p>Caring education allows everyone, child, family and professional to live harmonious relationships in a form of mutual respect.<br /> The school will provide a safe environment by wearing a loving, understanding and non-judgmental gaze. To learn and thrive, children need benchmarks, to feel listened to, considered and respected.</p> <p>Creators:<br /> <strong>Nathalie Clement</strong><br /> Today, I am enriched&nbsp;in all the&nbsp;experiences which make my profession a passion, a vocation. It is in this context that I want to make all this wealth available to children and their parents by creating this&nbsp;school, to transmit my values, my experience and my enthusiasm. This school will be multi-pedagogical to adapt to everyone, it will be eco-responsible to train the citizens of tomorrow, and will be open to parents to support them in their parenthood. &quot;I dream of a school of life with happy children!&quot;</p> <p><strong>Ben Riddle</strong><br /> Originally from Australia, Ben is passionate about permaculture, a zero waste advocate and a friendly soul who always has a smile on his face. Ben has been a professional musician and composer for 18 years and also plays music for yoga classes. Ben has traveled and lived all over the world teaching English, communication and cooking. Ben lives locally in Villiers Saint Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric where he grows his own food.</p> <p><strong>The rewards and the role of contributors:</strong><br /> Project rewards will focus on providing children with a variety of workshops, creative and art materials, garden equipment, and more. The rewards will give children a wonderful opportunity to participate in different fun workshops, develop a multitude of useful skills, connect and learn about nature and enjoy their time in a beautiful, safe and happy environment.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>Purchase of educational material 3000 euros, realization of the work of fitting out and bringing the premises up to standard 8000 euros. Any additional money will help lower-income families access school.</p> <p>We set a target of 5,000 to make sure we hit the target.</p> <p>We thank you very much for your support.</p>


Featured reward


  • 12 contributions

Your name on a wall at school


  • 28 contributions
Have your name added to our fun school thank you wall. A big thank you from all of us.

Estimated delivery: October 2021

Jeunes Pousses


  • 14 contributions
A small bag of mixed seeds to sow in your gardens. when they bloom and sprout, you can think of all the kids growing up in school who are grateful for your support. You can also donate the seed packets to the school for them to grow here if you wish. Plus: Have your name added to our fun school thank you wall. A big thank you from all of us.

Estimated delivery: November 2021

Creative Time


  • 10 contributions
Help us buy some exciting creative art supplies for kids to enjoy. This can include natural whines, fun art supplies, paper, pencils, art supplies, and fabrics. There are so many benefits for kids to experiment with their creativity using art, so thank you for helping their minds and hearts to flourish. Your donation will give you an invitation to one of our special art exhibitions by children. Come and join us if you can. Plus: Have your name added to our fun school thank you wall. A big thank you from all of us.

The Happy Package


  • 6 contributions
The happy package includes lots of great things. - your name on the school wall + a packet of organic seeds to sow + a ticket to one of our wonderful community art exhibitions + digital music album and printable digital e-book of original vegan recipes by Ben Riddle (one of our creators and teachers) + a huge personal thank you in our next promotional video.

Estimated delivery: December 2021


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