Édition du catalogue "Mère et fille II"

I warmly invite you to give your support to a Catalog project presenting my 2015 photograhic serie " Mother & Daughter" - 2015.

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Édition du catalogue "Mère et fille II"



It is necessary to give this serie made in 2015 a "frame" wich payed hard the price of censorship in France, during the Month of Photography, from  gallery Catherine Houard, during the group exhibition "L'Intîme comme illusion"  ("Intimacy as an illusion")(Program of the Month of Photography, Paris, November 2014).


This censorship was based on 7 requests sent by post:

Those ones have been posted to the attention of the Curator Françoise Paviot , the galerist and myself, claiming the removal of all works belonging to this serie during the exhibition. (even without seeing all of them!)


These requests came from people, incest victims,  who saw in the image "Lion", the represention of a mother and a daughter, not corresponding to an "act of love".


Until today, the whole serie has never been showed: only in magazine "NEXT" (french national magazine Libération supplement) was most of the serie published and shown, with a text of introduction from Marie Ottavi.



By donating:


-you would allow this serie to be brought out from this pedophilia-incest-censorship controversy.


-you would help the images to retrieve their original background:

20 years of art works narrated though an illustrated interview which would be published in the catalog.


-you would support a Mother and Daughter representation, which can not be reduced only to a candlelighted breast-feeding.


-you would allow the autors (below) who support the project, to be published, and so to provide to the images a better understanding.


-you would ensure to this work a continuity: allowing me to promote this photographic project with the help of this catalog in the best conditions.


This catalog will come with the following shows:


From 6th of september to 7th of November 2015

Art Galerie

Fürst – Johann – Moritz – Str. 1 - 57072 Siegen – Allemagne

Curators : Thomas Kellner / Helga Oberkalkofens  


From 23rd october to 21st februar 2015 

Rabenmütter - Zwischen Kraft und Krise: Mütterbilder von 1900 bis heute

Lentos Kunstmuseum, Ernst-Koref-Promenade 1, 4020 Linz, Autriche 

Curator : Dr.in Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller Vice-director

et head deputy of paintings and sculptures collections.

Waar dient de collecte voor




This project consists in producing a catalog of photographs, presenting my new serie "Mother & Daughter  II". (following the 2001 "Mother & Daughter  I" serie)



48 pages, softcover, four color process (cover 300g/m², inside 150 g/m²).

Texts in english.

125 copies – 100 copies, including a signed artist proof.  


The final catalog depends on the final budget given through donations (cover type, pages nb, illustrations, languages etc.)


Budget will include:

Catalog production (draft, design, translations, printing)

Catalog distribution




Stéphanie Boulard (Ph.D, Emory University, 2006) is Associate Professor of French in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech and affiliate of the Groupe Hugo-CERILAC (EA 4410) of Université Paris-Diderot, France.



Christophe Cartier

Artist painter et co-founder of the  visuelimage.com.

Le catalogue proposera un long entretien mené par Christophe Cartier. 



Christoph Tannert

Artistic Director of Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin




Upon request this work is visible in Paris - 75008 or Montreuil/France

I'll be glad to answer to any of your questions about this project.


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