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Rachel Marks is an American artist and performer living in Paris. Her works invite the public to reflect on their place within nature and their role in preserving it.

Her creations combine delicate natural elements (flowers, leaves, recycled paper) in constructing monumental installation pieces.

For the International Summit ChangeNOW that will be held at the Grand Palais in Paris January 30, 31 and February 1st 2020. Rachel Marks has imagined an immersive and participative large scale work: Esohpromatém.
Imagine a tree that is 4 meters high, whose branches tell the story of a future marked by our past. 2011 Fukushima. Nuclear disaster: 30,000 km of contaminated territory. 30 years for sunflowers to purify the earth by absorbing pollutants. At the foot of the tree, a field of heliotropes faces the public, as a symbol of hope.

Rachel Marks invites the public to actively and positively participate in writing a personal promise for the future and the preservation of our planet. 

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Your support will finance the production of this monumental work and allow the artistic creation to benefit this social and environmental cause.

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Original work : Tree Ring


Geschatte levering: februari 2020

With a donation of 250 euros you will acquire a Tree Ring, a unique and original sculpture created by Rachel Marks for the installation Esohpromatém. The work can be given during a VIP tour of the artist's studio.
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