Eureka pour l'école française de Sulaymaniyah !

Help us to amaze our students with the experiences they can make with you in our new science room !

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Eureka pour l'école française de Sulaymaniyah !

The small French school of Sulaymaniyah (Kurdistan of Iraq) was born in the heart of the city in September 2013. It then counted fifty children, happy to have access to education and French culture. Since then, the school has obtained the certification by the French Ministry of Education, and It now has over 200 students, from kindergarten through to 9th grade.. In 2016, after only three years of existence, the school obtained the approval by the French Ministry of Education. It has therefore joined the network of French schools accredited worldwide (AEFE), ensuring compliance with the programs and obtaining official French diplomas.




These last years have been rich in events, between wars (daesh), recurrent political and economic crises and, more recently, earthquakes. Despite everything, the French teaching team composed of excellent professionals who pursue their task with enthusiasm. They feel happy to teach children living in a particularly troubled region of the world. Our motto: "We learn better when we are happy".


With the help of a local sponsor, we were able to build three new classrooms this summer, one of which is destined to become our science room. What was sorely lacking to our students. Since then, a serious political and economic crisis has violently struck Kurdistan, and we have not been able to find on the spot either the resources to equip it with furniture and scientific equipment, nor to make the necessary arrangements (plumbing and electricity). And as Archimedes said: "Give me a fixed point and a lever and I will move the Earth." So we need your help to provide our children with education and scientific wonder they deserve!




Since we needed a partner living in France, our friends from Cultural Association La Pluie d'Oiseaux (The Showering of Birds) agreed to help us set up this project on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. We thank them warmly for their help and unconditional support!



La Pluie d'Oiseaux is a cultural association of creation and popular education. It bases its activities on the meeting between the cultures, between the artistic disciplines, and between the people. The association creates shows, exhibitions, books. She is in close contact with artists from other countries, mainly Kurdistan of Iraq, China, Ivory Coast and Mali.



Waar dient de collecte voor

All funds raised will be used to equip the science room as follows :




The works and the purchase of the equipment are planned for the end of January 2018.


If we get more funding, we will complete the equipment with additional microscopes, a dedicated computer, and if we dream a little, we can even buy an interactive board!


All the funds will be paid into the bank account of LA PLUIE D'OISEAUX which is our financial partner on the French territory.

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