Help me realize a CLIP, it will be my first time... That's something ! Would you make it magical and join the journey ?

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All along theses lines bellow, I want us to feel close, because we're about to make it together and it means a lot. Through these lines I'll tell you more about me, about the project... I'm EYRA and I hope you'll enjoy, as much as I do, joining this adventure !






Eyra is a young talented artist (singer, songwritter, composer) who's working on her electro-pop music freely.

Dynamic, passionate, creative, she reveals a part of her in every piece of melody. Devoted, she lives for her music.


She grows up surrounded by sleazy and whirling tones, tinged with sensuality.

If English seems to have her preference in her lyrics she doesn't want to give up on French, she affectionate both and refuses to chose.


For 3 years she learns in a music school (cours florent musique). There, she feeds on everything that will make her a complete artist in the end.








Teacher : "What do you want to do later Eva?"

Eva (6y.o) : "Singer"


It all started a while ago ...


Then in 2014 I got in a music school in Paris...


October 2015, for a year now my days are all about music and nothing else.

I know that I'm in a transition, I'm no longer a novice, I feel growing up as an artist, I understand better the music industry and start to realize how much work it is but I am ready

At this time, to go farther with my music, I started working with Emcee Agora (friend and great artist)


Through 2016  I'm glad to sing in in such Parisian places as "la Java", "le Réservoir", "FGO Barbara" ... 


2016 is intense ! 


And so on, i decided to record my first EP last august



Live @LaJavaParis 21/12/2017 

"Double Je" 








Naturally, I chose to self-produce this EP.  To me it's important to go through everything step I can handle on my own, to have my own experience of the thing.  I left Paris for one week recording in a studio, perched above clouds, surrounded by my collaborators Agora and Fred Mostacci (sound/mix)








Today I have a great digital EP 

Ideas full head

And time to make it right 


CRAZY, EP SINGLE should be out with a CLIP between April and May

Here is where you get involve !

We're already working on the storyboard with Evan (an other talented friend, realizing it with me)



Now that you now me better, I hope you'll join me in it !

I want to do it with you, and to carry it the farthest 

Most of all, I want to share a real experience with you all, it's time !


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See you very soon !!








Waar dient de collecte voor

This crowdfunding will be use to realize Crazy's CLIP 




What do we need ? 

(if you want to be part of the creation, do not hesitate to contact me! )


- Shooting crew  - real / turner / assistant 600e 

- Editing 300e

- Equipment (green background/ cameras...) 200e

- Movement 300e

- Make up artist 200e

- KissKiss commission 200e


A total of 1800e for a professional CLIP which I'll have the chance to achieve with a team of talented people.

I also choose to be an independent so I can work surrounded with people i really trust.


If you are over motivated, that you give me your trust and we exceed our goal, i won't go on vacations with your money. 

BUT I could press a certain number of EP in PHYSICS and I already have visuals in my mind for the cover and amazing persons (again) to realize it ! I can already picture my self sending it to you ! 

You're part of it now !


Simulation if we exceed :  - Pressing 300 copies : 500e

- Artist cover : 150e

- Promo posters : 300e

- Promo campaign : 500e




Let's make it TOGETHER !















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