Festival du Film d'Asie du Sud Transgressif - 2nd édition

FFAST (Festival of South Asian Film Transgressive) is back to Parisians screens in February 2014 at cinemas l'Arlequin and Reflet-Médicis.

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Festival du Film d'Asie du Sud Transgressif - 2nd édition





How did FFAST come into existence?


After a very successful first season held in partnership with Cinema Gaumont Champs-Élysées in January 2013, FFAST is back with the very same objective: cinema from Indian sub-continent does not consist of only commercial cinema such as Bollywood and its related clichés, but goes way beyond!




Why a festival about South-Asian cinema?


Cinema from South-Asia is clearly underrepresented in France, whereas a real demand exists!


South Asian cinema is copious, diverse and very dynamic. Nevertheless, it barely appears on the French landscape, a valid reason for us, The South Asian lovers, to create FFAST.

South-Asian cinema is not limited to Satyajit Ray’s art house movies or the Bollywood industry - two most common kinds of films offered to be watched on French screens.


We urge you; a young and original production does exist.

It is time to give this cinema from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and India an opportunity and we are confident that you will appreciate their flavour and creativity.




Why  « Transgressive » ?


FFAST implies transgressive cinema, screen movies that are against conventions and codes of Bollywood. Selected movies can belong to the mainstream, nevertheless they can be unconventional at the same time because of their political and socially committed topics or originality.




Where ? When ? How ?


The second season of FFAST will take place from 4th to 11th February 2014, at Cinemas Arlequin and Reflet Médicis.


It will offer you to watch several films in competition coming from the sub-continent: India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh.


This second year of the festival promises to be more ambitious than the first - it will last longer: an entire week, it will be enriched with focus dedicated to a South Asian director, a masterclass and in addition we have also prepared a surprise night starting from midnight to 8 am…

Many other events will also be organized in different locations of the city, including a photo exhibition, an electro music night session and different conferences. 

Like last year, this year also the festival will be a great opportunity to meet directors, actresses and actors invited to Paris to present their films and answer to your questions.

On the last day of the festival, an award ceremony will be held followed by a closing event.





Need a glimpse of the first edition?  Visit our website: www.ffast.fr


Meanwhile you also can watch that:




By the way, who are we?


The festival is organized by the association SAPNA.

SAPNA (South Asia Paris New Art) was created in September 2011. It brings together dozens of passionate members, experts of the South-Asian world and its cinema, as well as professionals of cultural outreach. SAPNA aims to promote the new art scene of South Asia.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Thanks to your trust in us last year, FFAST could come into existence.


This upcoming season will bring many new events. In addition, our team is also working to concoct a very singular surprise: besides the masterclass, you can look forward to a selection of films in competition, some special screenings and above all a "Sex-Terror Night”!!!

If you are ready to discover, during an entire night, what Pakistan, India and others have to offer in term of erotic-horror cinema, help us to bring these very unusual films to Paris!


The money collected thanks to your donation will cover expenditures related to the following needs:


- Shipping of movies from origin countries to France

- Subtitling the movies

- Invitations to respective film directors to Festival venues

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