Flex470, la 1ère yourte clé en main

Flex470, the 1st turnkey yurt Finance the launch of THE CONSTRUCTION GUIDE and build your own yurt step by step in 7 days

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Flex470, la 1ère yourte clé en main

You dream about a simple and comfortable yurt you can build yourself?





Ultra-nomadic yurt, transport it with a simple car, including a bamboo structure, a made of blankets insulation (woolen / polyester), an anti-condensation system and an ultra resistant PVC tarpaulin


This yurt is easy to build for a budget from 200€ to 1000€ according to chosen materials (recycling or new)




Oliver at the end of his engineering studies at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, begins a 2 years worldwide travel

As soon as back in France, he builds his first yurt (June, 2014) on his own model

After 6 months living in this yurt, he sets up the fabriquersayourte.fr website to share his experience and his knowledge through construction workshops


Anne after her first workshop, joins the team of fabriquersayourte.fr

She volunteers since January, 2016 in the project’s broadcasting on Internet by managing the Facebook page and by answering your questions






The conception of the flex470 is based on 3 fundamental axes


- comfort  which is comparable to that of a traditional yurt while being adapted to the oceanic climate


- ultra-nomadism of a housing environment that can be knockdown, that  is storable and easy to transport, offering to its owners physical security without being an administrative, logistic or economic weight


- cost and simplicity of a type of housing feasible in a few days by everyone and at a lower cost

Materials order of preference 1 - Natural materials / 2 - Recycling materials / 3 – Basic materials (thread, nails, screw)


This shelter is as easy to set up as a tente and as comfortable as a long-lasting housing





Since June, 2014, Oliver realized 7 copies of the flex470 and organized 5 workshops

Today he invites you to support him to realize a construction video guide who will drive you day after day in the building it yourself



Key moments overview of the flex470’s realization


J-0 Harvesting and processing bamboos

J-1 Assembly technique of bamboo netting for the structure

J-2 Assembly technique of the wall and the roof

J-3 Use of the cutting pattern for the PVC tarpaulin and advices to limit the waste

J-4 Heat-sealing  or chemical sealing , how to choose?

J-5 Cut and assembly of blankets for the internal insulation

J-6 Advices to assure an ideal tension to the blankets

J-7 Realization technique of the removable "crystal" dome and the door


This guide will be available from June, 2016 and will include a detailed technical documentation in PDF as well as a video which will guide you step by step

In addition, you will get access to the flex470 forum moderated by Oliver, who will answer your several questions about the yurt construction

An online directory will allow exchanges of experiences and knowledges between the flex470 builders  






Oliver has all plans and personal writing down necessary for the construction of the yurt and his floor We already filmed all videos for the construction guide (7 hours of video rush)

Today we have to digitize, put in words and clarify the technical documentation, then editing video and add explanations


By helping us to finance this work of editing, you confirm the viability of our project and allow its broadcasting


In return get a 30 % discount on the CONSTRUCTION GUIDE

(180€ instead of 250€)


Exclusivity reserved to the first 10 KissBankers

Technical documentation of the FLOOR INCLUDED


All these documents will be stored on an USB key which you will receive at your home





After one year of living in his yurt, Oliver wished to share through a video saga his tips and tricks for more comfort and autonomy,  the first 3 episodes are already available on YouTube




Discover every week and throughout all the project duration on KissKissBankBank the following videos


1- Guided tour of the 1st prototype *

2- Why to choose living in a yurt? *

3- Which type of yurt to choose? *

4- How to choose the location of your yurt?

5- Which floor to choose for your yurt?

6- Lighting and electricity

7- Heating and cooking

8- Water and conveniences

9- Furnishing and sleeping around

10- How to install your yurt according to the regulations?  



Waar dient de collecte voor

Your financial support will allow us to cover the following expenses


The construction guide

More than 7 hours of video rush to edit

5 workweeks = 2500€

Editing  technical documentation (plans and illustrations)

1 workweek = 500€


Computer & video editing software

Replacement of the IT equipment and the video editing software = 500€


TOTAL = 3500€


Over 3500€, it will finance the english and spanish translation of the guide, the website, as well as the dubbing of all the videos, to be able to broadcast the flex470 concept around the world  

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Geschatte levering: juni 2016

Receive the USB key " fabriquersayourte.fr " including FRENCH VERSION of the CONSTRUCTION GUIDE + the FLOOR TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION + an access to the Flex470 FORUM + your registration in the directory of "The Flex470’family" + 10 episodes of " LIVING IN A YURT " + the record ALBUM mp3 of the B.O + 60 photos relating the story of the Flex470 + the wallpaper DEDICATED by the team + your PHOTO and NAME in the KissBankers mosaic that will appear on the website and in the « thank you » video
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