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a world where gender and sexuality are not factors of exclusion in our society

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Genre Humain

Genre Humain's project Genre Humain is a solidarity-based and inclusive project that aims to raise awareness among the general public about different sexualities and gender identities through workshops and a festival that will take place in the Bordeaux Métropole region. Why this project ? Before confronting myself and my sexuality, I grew up in a world where homophobia was normal. It made me aware of the consequent lack of visibility and information associated with this community because I had to really look into it, to find the answers to my questions. In my opinion, any rejection stems from ignorance, which is why I wanted to create a festival that informs on the subject. I thought about informing people about this through a festival, because I think learning while enjoying a moment is a good way to approach the subject. The concept The Genre Humain Project aims to draw attention to the spectrum of sexuality and gender, two terms that are at the heart of our society. As a first step, awareness-raising workshops will be set up in partner locations in connection with cultural mediation. The workshops will be powered by moving debates, brainstorming, situational setting etc... The festival will be a forum for discussion and documentation on sexuality and gender identity. The day will focus on documentation and stands, while the evening will focus on musical performances by artists involved in the cause. The project's goals: With the Genre Humain project, I want to offer a platform that allows anyone to learn about different sexualities and gender identities. This project will help to advance mentalities and, I hope, create a less unequal society.

Allocation of funds

The collection will be used to raise the funds needed for communication, for the rental of sound and technical equipment and for the catering present at the event. We are counting on you to contribute to the realization of this project that is close to our hearts.



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Estimated delivery: June 2022


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