GIRI GIRI - 103 views without mount Fuji

Welcome to the extreme East. Support this book that will take you far in this time of pandemic, with or without proof of vaccination!

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Hans Lucas ondersteunt het project: GIRI GIRI - 103 views without mount Fuji

GIRI GIRI - 103 views without mount Fuji

I am pleased to announce the publication of my 1st book "Giri Giri", about contemporary Japan, that extreme East seen from a quirky and somewhat "kichigai" 気違い [crazy] angle.




Giri Giri is a game of representations on the images conveyed by Japan through different societal archetypes. A series of clicks on the clichés of the "exotic" imaginary that has been built up for more than a century following the opening of the Meiji era. We meet an old yakuza who repents every day by going to the local evangelical chapter, a gambler after a malaise in a deafening pachinko game room, or the students of a posh Kyoto college during their kendo training...

"All the great fictional films tend to be documentaries, just like all great documentaries tend to be fictional. […] And when you choose one, you inevitably end up with the other at the end of the road.”

Jean-Luc Godard


These images are interspersed with texts in English / French version by Agathe Parmentier & myself. Agathe is a very imaginative writer living in Japan and regularly writing about Japanese pop culture for Japan magazines [Tempura, Pen Magazine, etc.]. She is the author of a biographical essay "Why Tokyo" (2016), a book that tells a lot about Japanese society in a light-hearted way and that made me want to ask her to collaborate with me on Giri Giri.


Beyond the unusual or aesthetic aspect of the images, there is also a real documentary ambition by placing each image in the context of Japanese society, as shown by the first two pages of captions (14 pages in all!):



This work has been extensively published in France and abroad [Geo, La Repubblica, Stern, Le Courrier International, Le Monde, China Newsweek, The Economist, La Vie, El Pais ...]. As well as presentations & interviews on important websites like Fisheye or 9lives in France & Landscape stories abroad.

This project also allowed me to win the Sony World Photography Award in 2019 as "Best photographer" in the Travel category. As well as the Special Mention of the Roger Pic Award, which was presented to me by Magdalena Herrera, former President of the World Press Photo Jury in 2018.




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All the money raised will be given to my publisher, Les Éditions de Juillet, to cover the printing and production costs of the book. The cost price is very high compared to the selling price, which we wanted to keep affordable, and thanks to you we won't lose money, that's something (but we won't make any either!).



The book will be shipped to pre-purchasers by the end of May 2021 at the latest by Colissimo with tracking. Then it will live its public life in bookshops from June 2021.


I would like to launch a big ARIGATO GOZAIMASU [ THANK YOU ] in advance. Thanks to you, this project has a chance of being published in the best conditions for printing and distribution. And beyond that, it is a strong message of support for the independent publishing sector.

By pre-ordering your book, you simply allow it to exist!


Any questions? Any suggestions? Do not hesitate to contact me: |


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