Happy People Are Happy

Can we train ourselves to be happy ? Help us to discover and deliver happiness to the most !

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Happy People Are Happy



Introspection on what makes us really happy makes us feel more conscious about the simplicity of this feeling.

Happiness is an emotion, just as we can train ourselves to be unstressed, we can also train ourselves to be happy ! The most important part of this training is to know that we can do it.

The goal of this project is to share this awareness with the most  people possible!



Why are you happy ?

We will ask this question to six people: «Happy Ambassadors». We will try to find them in six different parts of the world (France,Tanzania, U.S.A, the Amazon, Mongolia and Japan) in order to show that this feeling is universal.




Happy People Are Happy works like a  doctor's prescription :


the six ten-minute episodes are six happy doses, that you can watch whenever you want or whenever you need!



How we will look for these six Happy Ambassadors ?


1st meeting:

We will start our journey with someone we have known for a long time. We will meet him in Harlem. Since we started this project we knew that we wanted to film his life. We can’t wait to introduce you to Archie, a man whose life has been guided by art. An old New Yorker, he owns an art shop where you can buy everything, furnitures included.


Happy booth :

We will set up a street booth on which you can read "What Makes You Happy?". Passengers passing by will have the opportunity to show, in their own style, the way they feel happy. after that we will pick one to be a Happy Ambassadors. 


Charity Organisation :

We’re now working with Afrique Durable that offers to young africans the ability to attend French business schools. At the same time they work in Africa to build a library and places of knowledge and exchange. They accepted our project in order to set up Happy Meetings, once the documentary will be finished. They will also introduce us to natives in Tanzania who still live like their ancestors !


Path :

We will follow a flow of people by asking them who’s the person they think is the happiest among their relatives. Then we will meet them and find the one that will became a Happy Ambassador. Therefore we can study the differences between what we show and the deep feelings we have. This is a key point that will teach us how to deliver a true and easy to understand documentary.





A documentary ?

Not only. Happy People are Happy is a cinematographic work. A hybrid creation. The three of us are truly passionate about cinema, photography, scenario and post-production, all of these parts that makes a documentary and even more takes are a key point in our work. With all our heart and techniques we will focus on the finest details to deliver to you a master piece. From lightings to composition, you’ll truly see the difference with a handheld style documentary. Our engagement is to deliver a truly accessible and unique story in its finest details.


Building the story

Every episode will be accompanied by a different musical style. From opera to electronic, we will build episode like music videos. Three different axis will be treated :

- Meetings with people. Their environments and the details of their daily life.

- The movies they will shoot. Thanks to a video camera that we will lend them for 24 hours. Their mission will be to film the moments when they feel happy.

Exhibits or performances. They will be made once we head back to France and they will represent the sum of the Happy Ambassadors feelings as well as ours.



Follow us !

Every week, we will make small clips that will show you how the project is going on.. You will also find some extra photos and stories that we want to share. During this whole adventure you will have the ability to interact with us, some of the backers will even have the opportunity to access an early version of the documentary ! Finally we will give you some cinematographic tips and techniques along with the making of clips.





SOS in Bel Air is a 3 persons team : 

Filmmaker and D.O.P : Gandalf de Maupeou d’Ableiges de Monbail

Engineer : Yacine Remini

Art director and Motion Designer : Lucile Vidaud





On the side of this project, we work all together in SOS in Bel Air, a Design Filmmaking Company that we own. Therefore we have a strong experiences on building this kind of project moreover we’re all backpackers. We’re also all together in EMLYON Business School and Centrale Lyon Engineer School. Happy People Are happy is a guideline for SOS in Bel Air but not only. It follows a lifelong project we already illustrated in personal works, exhibits, videos, photography and art installations.





Waar dient de collecte voor

Firstly, AN AMAZINGLY BIG THANK YOU  for the help you will give us, the amount doesn’t matter since the most important is to know that our work is supported.


the overall budget is around 40 000€, which is really not much for a 4 month long and 3 persons team movie. It included the minimum we need to travel, live and the gear.


Our bet is to be broadcasted on television. This is the essence of the project, we really want to share a clear message with a wide audience !

This means high quality and lots of constraints on set and on post production.


A personal investment of 25 000€ gave us the hardware to deliver a real cine-style documentary :

-FS700 + Accessories: 10 000€

-FS100 + Accessories:  3 000€

-Brushless Gimbal: 3 000€

-Led panels: 1 000€


Total: 17 000€

  And some of the journey expenses :   -Visas: 150€ -Food: 300€/month = 120€ -Inner country travels: 150€ -Hosting: 1000€   Total : 2500 X 3 = 7500€   -Car rental: 500€  

This campaign is here to boost a 2 year long project. Most of the of this campaign will go to plane tickets and work with various music artists.


-Plane Ticket: 3 X 2100€ = 6300€

-Mastering: 1000€

-Making of the rewards : 1200€

-Kisskiss fare: 720 €


We want to be on set for 4 month in order to capture all the details and create a true connection with the people we meet.


If with your help we get 20 000 € we will have the opportunity to reach the Amazon, meet different tribes and achieve the highest expectations we have for this documentary, that we hope, will change the way we think !




© photography : Veronika Istomina, Doha Sam, Eblazer, Massali

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