Is the only international festival of harmonica in Belgium going to disappear ? Help us to take up this new challenge!

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HARMOLIEGE / ONE WAY MUSIC FESTIVAL    It is however true paradise for harmonica players and amateurs of good music !  A place of convivial meetings for all with 'concerts discoveries ' any styles;  from workshops and classes, a crossroad and competition of harmonica players, an expo, stands and demos, jams...   Archives0112   Names for the coming edition of this year ? Follow the news to discover the program, it partialy depend on you and your reactivity to help the project.   Join us on http://www.harmoliege.be         Qr_reduit       Twitter_mini      #HARMOLIEGE   Surprises, ambience and quality will be in the program of three days of feast and madness !   Friday 10   Mr_harpo > Mr HARPO meets Liège schools   > Reception of the trainees   05_lord_benardo-1408085208The ' > CRAZY blues NIGHT ' on the initiative of Fabian 'lord ' Benardo and his guests, this party puts Belgian harmonca players in honour.   A discovered party full cape on the blues! (2 stages)   Saturday 11 Photo_088> Training period of harmonica with multiple choices  (by modules of 2 hours) (boarding school / day school) One_way_music_festival_2012_085-1408087942 > Competition of amateurs harmonica players One_way_music_festival_2012_059-1408088957> Evening concerts not to be missed ! (2 stages) > Closure Jam session   Sunday 12 P1020456-1408088591> Training period of harmonica with multiple choices  (by modules of 2 hours) (boarding school / day school) Dscn0047-1408089095 > Closure Jam session   THROUGHOUT THE FESTIVAL Imgp0777-1408089210   > Constant exchanges between amateurs and professionals Slide-5-728-1408089277 > An exhibition of harmonica   > An exhibition on the topic of music (BD and dedications)   > A convivial space of small restoration and many other things still...    Join us on www.harmoliege.be   The interactive before and during the festival   > A challenge: The impro harmo highest rated the best on Facebook   > A big fresco accomplished with all your ' Posts ' and what you send       appointments in October ?              


Waar dient de collecte voor

This collection will allow us to receive talents which were not envisaged in our basic programming. The more your help is important, the more we shall be able to expand the festival !  

300 € of stage (cachet, tax, material)

100 € of reception (accommodation, catering)

100 € of expenses of displacement   

This is a strict minimum to receive an artist or a duo.  


Do not stop in this sum because the more collection will be fertile, the more will be able to us invite artists among those who informed us that they coveted a place on the poster of Harmoliège on 2014.  


Our choices of programming are sometimes difficult and we often regret talents left on tiles which have definitely of deserve. Artist's job is difficult...  


Make it for them!    They are well worth it.



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