Hirondelle et Beretta, la suite

Help us to release the next part of Hirondelle & Beretta : a short film and an original soundtrack!

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Hirondelle et Beretta, la suite

"Hirondelle & Beretta 1" is a movie that doesn't exist! A complete OST, a picture story and some short films, as an homage  to french sixties movies and OST from Italy, USA, France, UK...



The first episode is a spies story that turns into a romance... 


You can watch  there the complete picture story: 



Tara king th continue their exploration of past and future, future in the past...and get into the next step: they're going to realise a short film and its original soundtrack! 

In this second episode, you'll follow  Hirondelle & Beretta in some new adventures. There will be action, love, beautiful cars, weird guys, breathtaking scenery, secret societies and even some special guests. 



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We've already start the recording process. We'll start filming at the end of summer. Lomostatic we'll be behind the camera with Sebastien Tixier and Cedric Serbat (photographers) 


Money collected will be use for team's travels, material, record's mastering and manufacturing of a beautiful double vinyl (Hirondelle & Beretta Part 1 & 2)


The recording, mixing and production parts will be done by Tara King th members, as usual! 


If you want to meet again our famous heroes, and be transported by Tara King th's cinematic and baroque pop music, you can help us now! 



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Geschatte levering: maart 2016

Le modèle réduit de la 4 CV à monter soi-même (1/24) + le roman photo complet en livre + le 45 tours d'Hirondelle & Beretta (EP - partie 1) + 3 polaroïds extraits du roman photo + 1 coffret 33 tours réunissant les 2 BO + les bandes originales "Hirondelle et Beretta" partie 1 & 2 en format digital
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