Bravante Boots, l'artisanat au coeur de notre métier.

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Bravante Boots, l'artisanat au coeur de notre métier.

Hello and welcome to everybody !

After three years of crowdfounding, we grew up, built, created five jobs and we are very proud to open the doors of our workshop.

Reacting back for you or just simply introduce ourself…

Who are we ?

Jose Moncada, born in Leon Guanajuato, more than twenty years of experience in adapted shoes and leather work, proudly « Zapatero" as family legacy, he's passionned by creating technics and offers to our workshop his know-how and wise view in all the projects we're working on.


Myself, Marie Deroy, belgian and arrived in Mexico five years ago, I feel myself like a « Belican".passionned by design, drawing and leather work, I'm handling the commercial and administrative of our company.


Our team is made of five persons ( you'll discover them in the video)

By arrival order :

- Bernardo Aria Concha : Zapatero (3 years in Bravante)

- Rodrigo Tapia Luna : Modéliste et couturier. (3 years in Bravante)

- Leodegario Aria Concha : Zapatero y adornador. (2 years and a half in Bravante)

- Jose Francisco Perez : Couturier polyvalent. (1 year and a half Bravante)

- Roberto Solis Gaona : Couturier Polyvalent. (1 year and a half Bravante)


What are we making ?

We're specialized in the Goodyearwelt sewing. This homemade technic, used in highclass shoes, offers a long life to our shoes and an uncomparable confort.

« Bravante " is specialized in the making of equestrian items. Boots, horse shoes and several other items inspired by the equestrian domain.

Why Bravante?

“ the Brabançon" is one of the belgian horse, previously used as a labour horse. In Spanish,it's'called “ Bravante “: a solid and strong horse but also elegant, as the image of the work we are offering… Little by little, it becomes “ Bravante “.

@BravanteBoots on Instagram and Facebook

We're also collaborating with other companies that are asking us their development and the making of their items, their collections, leather, textile or a mix of those, we are working on several projects, all high standing level where quality is the key word.

Where are we now ?

Our company is well known through the equestrian events we're participating, but also through social networks like Facebook  and Instagram, and mainly through the «  mouth to hear". We are selling in all Mexico where we are famous for our quality.

In the last three years we worked for independant companies in Los Angeles (Masego Footwear, Univ, Loneflag) and Oregon (Terrascout) in the United States ( You'll see some pictures in the video and find them back on Instagram) for which we've designed some items of their bags and shoes collections, and other items.

Today, due to the Covid situation, we have to adapt ourself, our regular clients are getting through a hard and difficult situation and cancel or reduce their ordering, stop their development of the ongoing projects. We need time to get back and reorganize ourself.

Since early November we've got a new customer GASOLINABOOTS in our workshop for which we have create specialized motorbike boots and shoes. We've start the producing !

To welcome this new customer in our workshop, we need new investments in the warehouse of our material. We need to make some room with new racks because they're taking a lot of place !

I also would like to promote Bravante by actions in communication and developing new models for common people and shops.

Above this, we also have to meet COFOCE (Coordinadora de Fomento al Comercio Exterior de Estado de Guanajuato) ( which means Executive developer of external sales in the state of Guanajuato), a meeting (virtual this year) between makers and clients. We're part of it and put our materials online ( cost of it : 300 euros).

Waar dient de collecte voor

3000 euros will help us in the operations of the next months :

It will help for :

- Buying new materials

- Management of the workshop

- New Bravante communication 

- The costs of the advertisment

If we get more, which will be, of course, very great for us, we will work on new models and go further in the communication actions.

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