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Participate in the diffusion of this artistic booklet, where texts/photos dialogue in a concept on the pictorial universality of a living place.

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In & Out

Experiential study that lends itself to seeing, reading and feeling moments in a city through their representation, Un Tout In & Out is an experimental book, a manifesto project where photos, texts and design meet in a concept on the universal pictoriality of a living place, an urban entity and its architectural reality.













 In this small piece of France in the foothills of the mountains, inspiration comes from a medieval quartier, itself a heritage monument, where streets and facades from an ancient age, evoke, tell, whisper timeless stories. 





Revealing a city pictorially in black and white, using a natural photography, is an invitation to observe, reflect on and capture the emotions that emanate from the city lights.






Like the Camino de Santiago passing through the town, browse images as though in a dream ; in a symbolic pilgrimage, In & Out, discover a precious architectural Whole with a contemplative mind.






If the chosen frame is the medieval quartier of the city of Oloron Sainte-Marie in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, also with the charm of the place, besides the undeniable charm of the place, the intention is universal, inviting to look at the city from a graphical, curious and sensitive angle.




Graphic designer and photographer for more than 20 years, this project is an intimate expression of my artistic approach, a manifesto on the art of watching, feeling, representing a city, and more widely, places, spaces ...


It is also a homage to my adoptive city, a small town at the foothills of the Pyrenees, to its whole and intact personality, which must be conserved.


A web page presents the project in details, click here to access it


Waar dient de collecte voor

Your participation primarily serves to spread this work, thus its artistic and even pedagogical purpose, whose ambition is to support, to share through the image, emotions, a certain awareness of life.


For the numbers:

Funds raised on this platform will be donated to Pierre-Emmanuel Michel if the collection is a success.

- The printing of the booklet : 2000€;

- The counterparties (printing of the cards, fine art prints, postage) for donors : 800€;

- The KissKissBankBank fees :200€.


If the collection doesn't reach the goal, you will be reimbursed.


If the collection exceeds the funds requested, the number of prints will increase accordingly, and who knows, will allow the realization of a traveling exhibition!

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