Kenji's Big Harp Amp

Help an amateur harmonica player to get a big amp.

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Kenji's Big Harp Amp

Hi. My name is Leonardo Kenji. I am an amateur harmonica player. I am 41 years old and I've been playing since I was 14. During these years, I've been involved in several harmonica initiatives here in Brazil. I've played with several nice people and currently I am involved in the "Kenji & Friends" project, which is basically making movies of me playing with several friends I have. Some are also amateurs, some are skilled professionals, so, as I say, "the best in Kenji & Friends is the friends part" :-)


Unfortunately, taxes in Brazil are quite high, so in order to buy a decent equipment here, sometimes we have to pay twice the price we find in US. And despite I have a pretty decent life (I am married for more than 20 years and I have a lovely 7-year old daughter, we both work), I really can't afford buying such an expensive amp.


My dream is to buy the best amp I ever tried: a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.


This kind of amp costs BRL 5000 in my city


EUR 1665 Target

EUR 100 Campaign (mailing costs, stickers, postcards)

EUR 1765 Sub Total

EUR -52,95 taxes (3%)

EUR -88,25 KKBB (5%)

EUR -130,61 paypal (7.4%)

EUR 1493,19 Total  => 1492 Amp net price (BRL 5000)


Actually I have a amp, that I can use in small gigs (it was my lovely wife's present last year) but it can't handle a band with a drummer. My amp is good, but it has only 20 watts.


With a big amp, I can finally play with a band, getting the tone I'd love.


Also, even local harmonica players in my town can benefit from this amplifier, since it's not unusual for us to exchange equipment on gigs.




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Well, I am still an amateur harmonica player, and most probably I'll keep being one for a long time :-) because I can't dedicate to a fully musician career. Life is expensive enough, my priority is to raise my daughter. So I am pretty conscious that I will never match a professional and high skilled harmonica player such as Greg Slap or JJ Milteau. These guys are heroes, while I am just a regular guy in another country.


What can I offer in exchange for your generosity? Well, I can offer my music, and my friend's music. And to be honest, I know there are lots and lots and lots of talented people all around the web giving their music for free. If you like my music, and if you like my friends, well, that's it. You're gonna see more videos on the web. And, of course, there are some interesting gifts for those who contribute too like harmonicas, self-made microphones and so on.


Here's my "Kenji & Friends" project. In this link you can see me playing. There are still more to come, until 2018 I guess.




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