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Kokoro (heart in Japanese) is the result of an incredible encounter between Art and Charity. This project brings together well-known artists who use their creative talents for the benefit of charities. We make and sell artbooks in order to collect donations.
Unfortunately, the festivals were canceled due to the health crisis and so, again this year, we have decided to collect donations directly here. We will finance the printing of the artbooks but we would need 200 euros for the production of the sweatshirts, the masks and the printing of goodies. Beyond this level of 200 euros, all the money will be given to the charity we chose.

We have so far produced 6 artbooks to support the following charities:

. Arc-En-Ciel (http://www.arc-en-ciel.com/)
. Global Fund for Women (http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/)
. Main dans la main avec l'Afrique (http://mainaveclafrique.jimdo.com/)
. Bloom Association (http://www.bloomassociation.org/)
. Mom-Made Toys (http://www.facebook.com/mommadetoys)
. Maison Chance (http://www.maison-chance.org/maison-chance/)
. Latir por México LXM Paris (http://www.latirpormexico.org/)
. WeForest (https://www.weforest.org/)

(click here to learn more about the Kokoro project : http://kokoro-team.tumblr.com/ )



Waar dient de collecte voor


This year, we are supporting the charity Comité Tiers Monde Sourd!

Comité Tiers Monde Sourd is a humanitarian association that helps deaf people in developing countries. Their objectives are to:
- give deaf children the right to go to school and learn in better conditions,
- identify needs in educational and professional projects,
- provide educational and school material support to the most disadvantaged children,
- finance various works of educational and professional establishments,
- inform local authorities about the problems the deaf community encounter,
- carry out humanitarian missions.

You can visit their website if you want to know about the charity and their activities or just support them! https://www.ctmsourd.fr/


Because we support the charity Comité Tiers Monde Sourd, the theme of this 7th artbook is : Deafness ! A subject very inspiring for Kokoro’s artists, who offered us this year not only illustrations but also comics and short stories. We can't wait to see it printed! Here is a sneak peek !

Get a maximum of donations for the charity, knowing that we would need 200 euros for the production of the sweatshirts, the masks and the printing of the goodies. We will finance the printing of the artbooks ourselves. So we are counting on you !!


Kokoro is a project created by artists who work on it on their free time. We spend time, energy on it (and even money from our own) because we believe in it ! Since we are just an humble group with no big sponsors behind us, we only have a small capacity of actions. If this project speaks to you or if you're just an artbook lover, you can help us ! You won't regret it !

For all our generous donors, we offer different rewards!

- In 2012, we made our very first artbook and supported the charity Arc-En-Ciel (http://www.arc-en-ciel.com/) that allows to make the dreams of sick children come true.

- In 2013, for the second artbook, we supported the American Association Global Fund for Women (http://www.globalfundforwomen.org/). They defend the cause of women worldwide.

- In 2014-2015, we supported exceptionnally 3 organizations :

- In 2016, we supported Maison Chance (http://www.maison-chance.org/maison-chance/). They defend the cause of women worldwide. They give hope to disabled people, orphans, homeless children and disadvantaged people in Vietnam.

- In 2017, we supported Latir por Mexico (http://www.latirpormexico.org/). They supports groups of people affected by conflict, natural disasters or any kind of situation in Mexico.

- In 2019, we supported the WeForest (https://www.weforest.org/) which is dedicated to sustainable reforestation. Their main objective is to participate in the fight against global warming by planting trees.

You can follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/kokoroteam/

Kokoro's team is about seven persons. The project was born in France with a few french artists but the whole team has no frontiers! Plus, for each new artbook, we're trying to collaborate with many talented guests frim around the world!

The Kokoro team :

Sharina ( http://littlesharina.com)
Marine FRANIATTE ( https://www.meizoudesign.com/ )
Kosal ( https://www.instagram.com/kokopetitcarreau/​ )
Gael ROULIN ( https://www.instagram.com/gaelroulin )
Kappou ( http://www.kappou.fr )
Ken NIIMURA ( http://niimurablog.blogspot.fr )
Marss ( https://marssartwork.tumblr.com/ )

All the talented guests since the begining :

- For Kokoro artbook N°1:

Cedric BABOUCHE ( http://cedricbabouche.com )
Cocokiri ( http://gatococo.ultra-book.com )
Ibealia ( http://ibealia.com )
Emilie DECROCK ( http://emiliedecrock.net )
Monsieur Chips ( http://ryanclportfolio.blogspot.fr/ )
Saad ARTO ( http://www.artosaad.com )
Amalya ( http://le-monde-illustre-d-amalya.over-blog.com )

- For Kokoro artbook N°2

Zimra ( http://zimra.fr )
Sanoe ( http://teapotee.tumblr.com )
Naelya ( http://naelya.blogspot.fr )
Kuri ( http://www.happykuri.com )
Emilie DECROCK ( http://emiliedecrock.net )
Pascal CAMPION (http://pascalcampion.tumblr.com/ )
Jon Lankry ( http://jonathanlankry.blogspot.fr )
Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Joysuke ( http://joysukew.blogspot.fr )
Maud CHALMEL ( http://maud-chalmel.blogspot.fr )

- For Kokoro artbook N°3

Anna BERNAL ( mopka.tumblr.com )
Min ( http://scaryfreak.tumblr.com )
Rianti HIDAYAT ( http://www.behance.net/rianti-wong )
Pascal CAMPION (http://pascalcampion.tumblr.com/ )
Jordi VILLAVERDE ( villaisdrawing.tumblr.com )
Xulia VINCENTE ( http://takitakos.tumblr.com )
David TAKO ( http://tako-dna.tumblr.com )
SOURYA ( http://sulhya.tumblr.com )
Cyprian CHOMICKI ( http://www.studioqube.com )
Nephyla ( http://nephyla.tumblr.com )
Jules RIGOLLE ( http://jules-rigolle.tumblr.com )
Jon Lankry ( http://jonathanlankry.blogspot.fr )
Leamlu ( http://www.leamlu.com )
Giovanni RIGANO ( http://riganogiovanni.blogspot.fr )
Mira ONGCHUA (http://miraongchua.tumblr.com )
Erik SOUZA ( http://playlustra.blogspot.fr )
Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Péah ( http://peahart.tumblr.com )
SamKat ( http://samkat.tumblr.com )
Sanoe ( http://teapotee.tumblr.com )
Sonny ( http://sonny0029.tumblr.com )
Tony VALENTE ( http://valente.canalblog.com )

- For the new Kokoro artbook N°4 :

Tony VALENTE ( http://valente.canalblog.com )
Sanoe ( http://teapotee.tumblr.com )
Jon Lankry ( http://jonathanlankry.blogspot.fr )
SOURYA ( http://sulhya.tumblr.com )
Naelya ( http://naelya.blogspot.fr )
David TAKO ( http://tako-dna.tumblr.com )
Min ( http://scaryfreak.tumblr.com )
Joysuke ( http://joysukew.blogspot.fr )
Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Barbara FS ( http://barbarafisinger.tumblr.com/ )
MiniLudvin ( http://miniludvin.tumblr.com/ )
Rozenn ( http://rozenn-illustration.jimdo.com/ )
Yann LE GALL ( http://yannlegall.tumblr.com/ )
Stas BASHKATOV ( http://www.bshk.tv/ )
Olivier SOM ( http://olivier-s.blogspot.fr/ )
Galou ( http://galoupop.tumblr.com/ )
Yuki KAWATSU ( http://yuki-kawatsu.tumblr.com/ )
Iris MUDDY ( http://irismuddy.tumblr.com/ )
Natalie DOMBOIS ( http://da-monkey.tumblr.com/)
Philippe Scherding ( http://www.facebook.com/philippe.scherding )

- For the new Kokoro artbook N°5 :

Anna Bernal ( mopka.tumblr.com )
Ana Sanchez (http://anasanchzp.com/)
Asok (https://www.facebook.com/Asok77777/
Barbara Fisinger ( http://barbarafisinger.tumblr.com/
David Tako ( http://tako-dna.tumblr.com
Giovanni Rigano ( http://riganogiovanni.blogspot.fr )
Iris Muddy ( http://irismuddy.tumblr.com/)
Jon Lankry ( http://jonathanlankry.blogspot.fr )
Laurica Adrian (http://thabfu.tumblr.com/ )
Mathilde Kitteh (http://catneep.tumblr.com/)
MIN ( http://scaryfreak.tumblr.com )
Mini Ludvin ( http://miniludvin.tumblr.com/ )
Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Naelya ( http://naelya.blogspot.fr )
Natalie Dombois ( http://da-monkey.tumblr.com/)
Pascal Phan (http://pascal-phan-illu.ultra-book.com/)
Renée Park (http://www.reneepark.com/)
Ryan Chang lam ( http://ryanclportfolio.blogspot.com/)
Shihab Aldeen ( https://www.instagram.com/shihabaldeen/ )
Sourya ( http://sulhya.tumblr.com )
Tidawan Thaipinnarong (https://www.tidawanart.com/)

- For the new artbook n°6 :

Jon Lankry ( http://jonathanlankry.blogspot.fr )
Marine Vhs ( https://www.instagram.com/marinevhs/
Chi Ngo ( https://www.chi-ngo.com/ )
Marie Vanderbemden ( marievanderbemden.tumblr.com )
Olivier Som ( http://olivier-s.blogspot.fr/
MIN ( http://scaryfreak.tumblr.com )
Vincent Belbari ( https://graphiste.com/youcoucou) 
Vera Tiong ( http://catinflowerpot.tumblr.com/)
Charcooll ( https://www.instagram.com/charcooll/ ) 
Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Anna Bernal ( mopka.tumblr.com
Shihab Aldeen (https://www.instagram.com/shihabaldeen/)
Ana Sanchez (http://anasanchzp.com/
Anna Tabalan (https://www.instagram.com/annacchii_/) 
Tony Valente ( http://valente.canalblog.com
Guillaume Bianco ( https://www.instagram.com/guillaumebianco/)
Elsa Bordier ( https://www.instagram.com/elsabordier/
Flora Grimaldi ( http://flora-grimaldi.tumblr.com/) 
Iris Muddy (http://irismuddy.tumblr.com/)
Marianne Alexandre (https://www.instagram.com/marianne.alexandre/ )

- For the new artbook n°7 :

Miss Paty ( www.misspaty.com )
Aline Dutra (https://www.dutrart.com/ )
Eloïse Girard (https://www.instagram.com/girard_eloise/ )
Marine Vhs ( https://www.instagram.com/marinevhs/
Flora Grimaldi ( http://flora-grimaldi.tumblr.com/) 
Iris Muddy (http://irismuddy.tumblr.com/)
Marianne Alexandre (https://www.instagram.com/marianne.alexandre/ )
Martina Naldi (https://www.behance.net/MartinaNaldi)
Mathis Richard ( https://www.instagram.com/mathisrichard.art/ )
Vera Tiong ( https://www.instagram.com/catinflowerpot/ )
Joanna Grodecka (https://www.instagram.com/jblankart)
Daphné Hong (https://daphne-hong.tumblr.com/)
Silvia Vani (https://www.instagram.com/fantafumino )
Ana Palmira Pérez (https://anapalmip.myportfolio.com/ )
Nayth ( https://www.okutri.net/ )
Laura Meheust ( https://laura-meheust.jimdofree.com/ )
Camimari ( https://camimari.artstation.com/ )
Zevania ( https://www.artstation.com/zevania )
Javier Navarro Aviles ( https://www.behance.net/javinaviles )
Johann Zarca (author)
Yannick Garcia


(the list may change because the book is still in progress...)

We are counting on you to support the Comité Tiers Monde Sourd charity and the Kokoro project! The next artbook is waiting for your help to see the light !!

Thank you so much !


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