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Komeetta_Album Production

Holy Moly Macaroni!! We have reached 100%!! I'm touched and so grateful for all your support. This is the best Christmas present ever. Aaaah! So from now on we have a new goal : 133% which equals to 4000€. This money will be used for:

  • producing a full album : recording, mixing and mastering 
  • making a video clip
  • shooting pictures
  • promotion and press 



My name is Anu Junnonen. I'm a Finnish singer living in Brussels for 20 years now. 

Now I'm working on my new album! Komeetta is a very special album for me because it’s bringing me closer to my origins. After writing lyrics in english for many years it's been a welcome challenge to explore my mother language in music. The whole process has been all about going to the essence and peeling of the layers. We wanted to dig in to the core of each song and eliminate all unnecessary effects. The overall feeling is more stripped and sober than in my previous work.


Komeetta is my 4th studio album and I'm really excited to record it with the musicians I've been playing with for the last 5 years. Alain Deval, one of the Belgium's finest drummers, known from The Brums and his solo project Bothlane. Gil Mortio is a Brussels based multi-instrumentalist, producer and ice-cream lover. Known from bands like Joy As A Toy, Mathias Bressan, Daniel Helin, Kings of Belgium, Valley Of Love etc. 


I started to write this music in the beginning of this year at the Belgian coast in a small room with a deserted sea-side view. This was an unforgettable experience of freedom and solitude at the same time and gave me energy and hope to pursue with this new album project. Although the pandemic didn't make it always easy for us to get together for rehearsing I'm so happy we made it this far and in January 2021 we will record the new music in the Studio Caporal in Antwerp (BE) with Nicolas Rombouts. Although the times and music formats have been changing, it’s really important for me to record a full album because it’s a priceless document of this time.

If you want to support us, you can order your LP in advance, get yourself a Komeetta t-shirt or tickets for a live performance.




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Here you can find a detailed list of the funds being collected in order to create Komeetta and also a detailed list on how this money will be spent. The total cost of the production is 13700€.


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