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Join the adventure of a young lady, eager to express her creativity to dress up your interior !

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Kozy by Kelly

Kozy By Kelly is a shop of diverse and varied objects dedicated to your interiors. 


Kelly is a young interior architect/designer who selects these objects, create some of them, and offers her services to arrange your interiors.


I introduce myself, Kelly, a young woman of 27 years old at the root of this project. Artist at heart, I immediately knew that I would like to work in a creative environment.




Raised in siblings of engineers, I always had this creative side that was my difference. I developed this for being special ! I developed it in different ways : drawing lessons, visual art, dance, fashion design, fabric creation,… And I liked it ! I was finally able to leave the bench of my private French school rather strict, to join Saint Luc Institute in Tournai (Belgium), and its originality, from high school level. So, I was quickly able to follow my path. Close to my family, I have kept a Cartesian side that led me to the Architecture, and Interior Architecture/Renovation. The choice of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Tournai for my superior studies allowed me to learn other capacities. In addition to Interior Architecture, I have learned furniture design, then I also chose Set Design as my second master.


I like playing all these roles ! Design allows me to create the perfect elements to arrange your interiors. Make your interiors allows me to create and place my design. And scenography helps me think moving, to keep fluid and practical spaces. Scenography also adds event planner to my roles. This all forces me to keep abreast of cultural news. 




- During my first joint design exhibition, in October 2015, my work was particularly welcome by the public and by professionals. First surprise, I realized that I was in my time, and for me, success is perhaps now.

- After a second success during my solo Master End Stage design exhibition last June, I understood that I had to follow the wave and to have a go !


Although many say that we cannot become independent Interior Designer or Designer before the age of 40 and have a "serious" business, I decided to go to meet the challenge. So here I am, with Kozy by Kelly.






Kozy By Kelly is a shop that offers accessories and services to embellish your interiors.


The primary aim of this brand is to sell my design and my interior design.

My style is both Class, Luxurious and Wild, Authentic. A little bit like my story : the beginning in a strict and wealthy private institution where we learn the etiquette, to join St Luc and its freedom almost without rules. I mainly use raw materials for my design : wood, leather, wool, metal. Sometimes, inspiration just comes from a dead tree trunk in a garden ...


If some pieces are unique and from my creation, I do not pretend to be enough for dressing up your interiors. So, I found some brands that I like particularly, that speak to my style, supplementing... And I have added the items for sale on my website.




Franco-Belgian with Italian origins living in London, it's hard to know where to settle down. I like all these places, I like travelling. So at first, the shop will be online. So it will be accessible to everyone. Then I'll find the perfect place to settle down, and open a physical store. My choice will be made after analyzing the success of my shop. But even then, the shop will remain online, and keep its omnipresence !


And later on, when my business is on very good track, in order to give me some time for myself, I also return to the set design. I will open a gallery where I could come and present artists corresponding to my sensibility. Artists close to my style, who could normally speak to my clients, and could be incorporated into their layouts. This will also allow me to attract a new audience and expand my clientele and my shop.






With this collection, I want to launch my business on good track.


Today, my company is launched. I have already started the expenses to create my company, and I have a consulter/accountant who follows my case and helps me not to make mistakes. I also created the foundations of my website, so people find something when they search Kozy by Kelly or Kelly Bonassi. I started to spread my brand. I met my future suppliers at trade shows (Maison & Objet - January 2016), to see if there is the same feeling with persons as with their products. It is important to be sure that if the products are cool, exchanges with suppliers will be fun too !


I still have now to find funds to make my stock. These are € 3,000, which correspond to the value of my first orders, minimum orders for establishing partnerships with my suppliers. To this is added € 200 for the advertisement for Kozy by Kelly.

And if my goal is exceeded, this will allow me to buy the raw materials for my own creations !


Waar dient de collecte voor


The launch of my shop :


Today, I have created my company at the administrative level. It has been existing since February 2016. It is already on track with the hiring of a consulter/accountant, who helps me with the laws. I've also already set up a website to be present online.


I still have to finance :

* The purchase of my stock to my suppliers - € 3000

This is the sum of the orders that I have to do for establishing my stock and my partnership with my favorite suppliers, met on Maison & Objet fair. I will make this purchase in April 2016.


* Investment in communication and marketing - € 200 

Buying advertisements on social networks and SEO of my website. I will begin my advertising campaign with this crowdfunding.  



If your generosity is beyond my expectations, Kozy by Kelly can see below, through :


* The purchase of raw materials.

Purchase of wood, metal and leather, to make my own design objects (tables, chairs, wardrobes, linen,…).


* To hire a web designer to help me boost my website.

My site is already created, but it has not yet been optimized. I have set this up by myself, to spend my money on paperwork.


* And why not, invest in a workshop where I could create and store my design.

This would allow me to get out of my parents' garage, and have products to offer in advance, rather than respond to orders after they came, with larger delivery terms.


Kozy by Kelly Bonassi - interior designer is a company that I run alone. It is not my only business today, but I plan to devote all my energy and my time to my dream in order to fully live of my passion. The main objective of this crowdfunding is to bring some cash to the brand, to launch this collection and determine if the dream can come true. So if like me you believe in Kozy by Kelly and his future support this project !!!



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