An alternative project for La Grave

A new market research for an alternative project to the 3rd section of the cable car

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An alternative project for La Grave

In La Grave, at an altitude of 3600 meters on the Girose glacier, a a new cable car starts to be built in summer 2021. The “La Grave Autrement” collective wants to preserve the glacier, by proposing another project more suited to the local economy, without building this third section. The Collective needs you to finance this study, to build a new development model for our mountains!

Who are we ?
The Collectif La Grave Autrement is a citizens' collective which was created in early 2020. Its aim is to generate a debate of ideas, in order to raise essential questions about the future and development of our territory of the Pays de la Meije. It has more than 800 members and 5,000 people follow it on social networks.

A third section of the cable car, is it really necessary?
The Collectif La Grave Autrement strongly remains on question the relevance of this project, for three main reasons:
1. The investment of 12 million euros (including 4 million euros of public money, for a village of 550 inhabitants!) Seems disproportionate to us, given the expected benefits for local development. We believe that with an intelligent redevelopment of the current summit space at 3200m, the leverage effects could be the same for an reasonable investment.
2. At this time of climate change, the economic crisis due to Covid19, and the classification of mountaineering as an intangible heritage of UNESCO, this project seems clearly obsolete: for example, what about the development of a new ski slope included in the project, with the protection of glaciers?
3. Consultation with the population on this impactful project was practically non-existent! The study of an alternative project could make it possible to organize a real citizen debate, and why not a referendum "for or against"!


Waar dient de collecte voor

The alternative project will be studied by a specialized company, at a cost of € 52,704. We have brought together the best specialists, highly recognized on the subject of development projects in resorts and in the mountains. This corresponds to 90 days of work, from February to September 2021. The amount of crowfunding (25,000 €) will allow us to launch the study!
Their work will be articulated in two phases: carrying out a complete diagnosis of the territory (economic and tourist, social, environmental, and demographic), choice and deepening of a scenario.
Each interested person will be able to obtain information on a dedicated website, where the progress will be transcribed there as and when in a transparent manner.

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