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La Beaume is a tributary of the Ardèche, flowing at the foot of limestone cliffs. It gave its name to the small village that borders it: a listed troglodyte village, a church, a shady spot under tall plane trees.








The Labeaume en musiques festival, recognized for its artistic quality, was started there 19 years ago by a man who loved nature and music, soon assisted by a team of committed professionals and volunteers.

The festival gained acclaim through the quality of its programming. It also owes its reputation to concerts played in exceptional natural sites: in clearings in oak forests (La Blache de Chapias), musical strolls along the river (Le Chambon), open-air theatres or stages built over the water (La Turlure beach).

The concerts programmed by Labeaume en musiques come from the great classical and world music repertoires, with a bent for cross-fertilization of genres and artists. The programming has aroused the curiosity and whetted the appetite of a growing and increasingly diverse public: people from nearby, tourists, regulars and families.







For over 19 years the association Labeaume en Musiques has been defending access to "culture for all" in the rural area that is southern Ardèche. Outside the festival period, the association uses the churches in the surrounding villages for its "Winter quarters" concerts. Cultural action is central to the project: Labeaume en Musiques also has a "Blue quarters" programme in hospitals and nursing homes, many projects with young audiences, and its "Mars marquee" taking its pocket operas around the neighbouring villages for five years.

A perspective of living art on offer in Ardèche, which is part of the prestigious heritage of the area.This year we are celebrating the listing of the Grotte Ornée du Pont d'Arc (known as theGrotte Chauvet)as a Unesco World Heritage site, and the opening of its replica area. A week of musical roaming is planned along the river from June 22 to 27, 2015, from Valgorge to Vallon-Pont-d'Arc on the theme of "metamorphosis'': from one surprise to another!


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Now in existence for 19 years, Labeaume en Musiques no longer needs to prove its cultural and artistic quality. But resources are not limitless and are starting to run out. We have come to the end of what can be achieved by means of DIY, the dedication of volunteers, hair-raising logistics, exorbitant rental costs and especially the difficulty of making sure that everything is set up in keeping with standards and safety requirements.Today, all these limitations have led us to rethink what the association is all about.

Fortunately, the economic situation is a healthy one. So we don't need to set up a rescue operation, but rather a sequel to what has already been done. The project needs to continue in a less threatening environment and in sustainable material and financial conditions.It is only in this context that the cultural missions of Labeaume en Musiques will be able to be realized in full and its artistic energy mobilized to the full!


Once again this year we are setting off on the adventure with determination passion, and just a touch of madness! This is why we are asking music lovers and all those for whom culture is important to help us ensure that Labeaume en Musiques keeps going by becoming a donor!

Give a little, a bit more, or even a lot!

And if you can, come along this summer! Thanks!



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