Lashing Fred - 1er album - pressage vinyle

LASHING FRED release " EXACTLY NOT THE SAME" their 1st LP Support your punk scene!

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Lashing Fred - 1er album - pressage vinyle

Lashing who?


Lashing Fred french punk rock act from Lyon, France. We started as a band and released our first EP in 2015, and we're about to wrap up our first LP.






The L.P project


We began to write this record in 2016. Everything from the recording sessions to the final mix is DIY, homemade from A to Z.

We are very proud of our baby in the making and wish to release our whole effort by pressing it on vinyl.


What about you?


We're counting on your support to achieve this project and we rely upon you to help us produce this album.


"Guys, why do you need my money?"


First off, we're nice guys, but mainly, financing a 100% independent project is as cool and valuable as it sounds.

You become our official coproducers and we get you involved through the whole process of the making of this album.

We can send you some stuff, but maybe we'll have to adapt the goodies depending on your location.

So if you choose to spend some money on our project, we'll promptly get in touch to get you satisfied no matter what.






Waar dient de collecte voor

We don't want you to pay for the whole project. We really believe in this record and we've already invested a lot of time and some hard earned bucks on recording material, but we need your support to achieve it the best way we can.


Here are a few things you will help us pay for:


Pressing : 900 €

Mastering : 400 €

T-shirts : 200 €

Buttons, stickers : 100 €

KissKissBankBank fees : 150 €


Our association Lashing Fred will be in charge of collecting the money and managing the goodies despatch. 

We will contact you personnally to give you a schedule of the availability of the different items.




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