Le BAM Truck : la 1ère salle de karaoké sur roues !

Help us create the first karaoke booth in a truck !

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Le BAM Truck : la 1ère salle de karaoké sur roues !



1 karaoke booth in a truck for 10 people for rent (karaoke truck)


55% discount on average during the fundraising on KissKissBankBank :

for 20 € : 30 minutes karaoke truck for 10 people (45 € after the fundraising finished)

- for 35€ : 1 hour karaoke truck for 10 people (75€ after the fundraising finished)


The ability to save your session and take home a audio souvenir of your session


Festival, Wedding, Birthday, Summer tour, Corporate party... all events are good for renting your session to 10 people in the Truck BAM!





Karaoke has previously been an underground activity. Made hip again by a handful of cool parties, indulged in surreptitiously under cover of a small number of Asian restaurants or at a few dingy or dated open-mic nights, it lacked an attractive venue.


The opening of BAM Karaoke Box brings a new dawn. This new Parisian bar puts a French twist on the offbeat concept of the Karaoke Box, born in Asia before storming the US, Canada and the UK.


There is no longer any need to worry about performing in front of people you don’t know or rubbing shoulders with X-Factor rejects, here you perform with your friends, ensuring you have a completely wild time.


Available for private hire, the four BAM Karaoke Box rooms (and maybe the Truck soon!) are soundproofed, air-conditioned and benefit from the latest generation equipment, ensuring a private and comfortable environment for embracing Japanese salarymen’s favourite form of stress-release.

With multiple lighting possibilities, a playlist of 5500 English and 2300 French hits – purged wherever possible of their cheesy promotional videos – a touch-screen control panel, wireless microphones and help choosing songs – the space is immersive and totally connected to get on with what’s most important: unwinding at full lung capacity!




Our concept of Karaoke Truck share simple observation: we want to give more fun to more people. We advocate democratization of karaoke box! Therefore, we invent the traveling karaoke.

It comes to you, whether you are at a beach in August, at your wedding in the countryside, at the foot of the ski slopes in February or at a music festival between two concerts ... You can enjoy a real karaoke room for you and a group of friends of ten people, fully equipped with quality equipment and a warm and festive atmosphere.  


This idea motivate us because it's totally unheard of and it meets our number one goal: fun! But we need you to complete the purchase of the truck, its development and give impetus to this project. We hope the BAM Truck will be on the road from this summer! We seek your support and invite you to join our musical adventure. We have prepared a lot of great rewards which, we hope, will push you to ride together a ways!




What are you waiting for? Take Advantage NOW! By participating in the fundraising for the Truck, you pre-purchase your session in the BAM Truck with special prices!

Once the Truck launched, prices will not be the same ...


BAM Truck will travel, initially, in the big cities of France:

·       Lyon

·       Marseille

·       Nice

·       Montpellier

·       Toulouse

·       Bordeaux

·       Nantes

·       Rennes

·       Lille

·       Strasbourg

·       Paris


Europe can be the next step !



The dates will be announced later, but if all goes well, the Truck Tour will take place from September 2015! We want to stay a week, at least, in each city so that people enjoying a session in their rewards can plan and organize their session at best!




Those who have tested the concept BAM Karaoke Box have adopted it*:


"Would happily go every weekend!" Annie


"We sang, danced and drank in a beautiful place without fuss or excess formality. Current playlist and something for everyone!" Solene


"We forget everything for 2 hours and it feels good!" Valentin


"The concept of private rooms is great, because, among friends, we have fun more easily than with strangers!" Anne-Cécile


"Private rooms gives wings even to more timid ones..." Antoine


"Another way to discover karaoke, more modern, cozier too." Sandrine



*These quotes are taken from TripAdvisor: BAM Karaoke Box Paris reviews.





Sketch of your name on the back of the BAM Truck (in the rewards from 55€) :




Waar dient de collecte voor

Our minimum budget for this project is € 50,000: € 30,000 invested by BAM Karaoke Box for the first stage, and € 20,000, thanks to you, for the second stage!


1.  Buy a nice truck: € 30,000

·   We want it vintage and with an engine that stay the course:            € 20,000

·   Check up mechanics and repairs / improvements: € 10,000 


2.  Build and equip the truck. We must give it a facelift: € 20,000 - This is your part, we count on you!

·   Total soundproofing walls: € 3,000

·   Dress the outside of the truck: € 5,000

·   Interior equipment: flat screen for the lyrics, touch screen for playlists, Bose speakers, microphones...: € 8,000

·   Decoration and furniture: €4,000


If we exceed the amount requested by 50%, we expect to launch simultaneously a second truck to be in several places at the same time and make twice as happy people in France and in Europe!



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