Les Invisibles

Help to finance the printing of a book I've been working on : Les Invisibles

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Les Invisibles

By participating in the financing of the printing of the catalog / exhibition Les Invisibles, you allow me to complete a project I had work on for several months now. A project for which I take the role of curator and invite three artists to think and create artworks that fits with the space that offers the publication.


The publication confronts three different painting practices and mixes in a same space unpublished images of artworks, in-situ projects and adapted projects.

The publication will be printed in 300 copies only.




" Les Invisibles is an exhibition that takes place within the pages of its own catalogue, a journal in which three artists – Olivier Mosset, Hugo Schüwer-Boss, Élodie Seguin – have been invited to conceive, propose and realise a set of works respecting the constraints of space this publication offers. "

(excerpt from the introducing text)






Artists :

Olivier Mosset (http://www.fillesducalvaire.com/fr/artists/18/Olivier-Mosset)

" Key member of the BMPT group, Olivier Mosset has led a pictorial “quest” during his entire career. He first stood out with his paintings of perfectly realised circles; this artist is now famous for his all over, monochromes that restore colour's respectability by eliminating all search of expression and projection. In 1890, Maurice Denis wrote : “Remember that a painting, before being a battle horse, a naked woman or some anecdote is essentially a flat surface covered with colours put together in a certain order.” A truth that echoes in Olivier Mosset's pictorial practice. " 


Hugo Schüwer-Boss (http://www.hugoschuwerboss.com)

" Placing his practice in a certain heritage of abstract geometrical painting, Hugo Schüwer-Boss examines notions of limits and frames in painting. Thus, it looks like drawings are born from the monochromaticity of his paintings. Without bearing the role of open windows, his paintings become spaces of stimulation and projection for the spirit, placing themselves between image and non image in which an image, through its absence, allows itself to appear to the eyes of the viewer. "


Élodie Seguin (http://elodieseguin.ultra-book.com)

" The work of Élodie Seguin evolves throughout a practice that is resolutely pictorial. Without becoming in-situ works, the ensembles created by the artist are incorporated within the framework of their given spaces. Thus, through a constant adaptation of her works to the spaces that are assigned to them, the artist participates to a questioning of these same spaces; some site-specific projects for which strict construction takes into consideration the accidents and opportunities these spaces have to offer. "


Curator :

Alex Chevalier (http://alexchevalier.tumblr.com)






The publication :


Bilingual (french / english)

Digital mini (26 x 18 cm)

24 pages

newspaper paper 55g

CMYK printing

300 hand-numbered copies









Waar dient de collecte voor

Now the project is done and ready, the collect will be used to cover the printing fees of the 300 copies of the publication, but also to cover the post fees.

printing : 1000 euros

post fees : 200 euros

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