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What's special about Brussels? Our documentary film will highlight how connecting inhabitants through mural painting brings fresh insights.

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Less Walls

There’s much more to Brussels than meets the eye. It’s a city steeped in history, celebrated by many artists - think Magritte and Stromae... With 1.2 million inhabitants and 198 nationalities, it's second to Dubai in diversity: a discreet multicultural hub in the heart of Europe. Like many cities, Brussels is experiencing challenges brought about by rapid change and perceived environmental and social threats. Poverty and segregation are also a reality here. Briging multilingualism and inclusivity to the fore requires effort from all of us. LESS WALLS (a Brussels love story) will explore, in a short (26 minute) film combining observational footage, interviews and animation, how Nanouk and Silvia - co-founders of "The City is our Playground" - use mural-painting as a means of connecting inhabitants. We will also observe how, as they refine their techniques to foster community engagement and participation, working with others, they uncover complexity, tensions and darker sides associated with such projects. To meet Nanouk and Silvia, click on the link to our teaser in main image. Their gentle, non-confrontational approach keeps them going and lifts others. At the same time, they encounter personal limits and the need to find effective ways to promote honest conversations.

Allocation of funds

Our goal is to use LESS WALLS (a Brussels love story) to raise awareness of urban community-building efforts modelled by Brussels, specifically opportunities for inclusion. We want the film to boost constructive dialogue on those issues - with more focus on what works best in practice. We aim to go live in October 2022 with local screenings hosted by key stakeholders, then contribute to relevant policy platforms and film festivals, in addition to exploring further online distribution options. *** We aim to operate efficiently to deliver high quality, creative and thought-provoking content on a small budget, thanks to a small 'dream team' of passionate professionals and contributors. This KissKissBankBank fundraiser is intended to complement further funding and grant applications. We will not receive the KKBB funds you contribute unless at least 100% of our KKBB fundraiser target is met. Your financial contribution will go towards making our film: our total budget will to pay team members for research, location scouting, story-boarding and pre-production (25%); up to four film days (25%); animation (25%) and post-production (image and sound editing, plus some aspects of distribution)(25%). You are welcome to contact us for more information, as we are always happy to share further insights with our supporters. *** Thank you for your support!


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Sponsors contributing this amount or more will be named in the film credits under the Special Thanks section: see your name in lights, be celebrated as a patron of the arts :-)

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A film isn't complete without its poster - this captures the essence and mood of the story. Sponsors contributing this amount will receive a high resolution electronic image once it is ready, to celebrate your involvement in the project.

Estimated delivery: October 2022

SILVER SPONSOR - Join a Mural Painting Pop-up


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This is the time to get your hands dirty and get creative - come and see how it's done, meet other participants and play a part in urban communitybuilding. Nanouk and Silvia will guide you.

Estimated delivery: April 2022

GOLD SPONSOR - A Half Day of Filming


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Come and watch the film being made - join the Director and crew on location for half a day. There will be time to ask questions and discuss various aspects of filmmaking.

Estimated delivery: May 2022

PLATINUM SPONSOR - Come to the Avant-Premiere Screening


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This will be a very special moment, when the film is first revealed to those involved in making it, before its official launch. A chance to be with the full team and their contributors to celebrate the end of the filmmaking project and the start of a new phase: sharing the film and encouraging connection over the topics it addresses.

Estimated delivery: October 2022

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